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Hillsong’s Global Appeal, Explained by Sociologists
Australian worship movement flourishes in both post-communist Budapest and post-church Seattle because it confronts the historical establishment.
that government leaders favored atheism during this repressive period, yet more “mystical” songs spread through vast underground networks via handwritten musical scores, despite
When Gospel Music Sparked a ‘Worship War’
How the Great Migration changed music in the black church forever.
19th-century African American Music. Outside of the church, the creative musical expression of the African American population was flourishing. Musical Culture Shock.
Bringing a Tent Peg to a Sword FightSubscriber Access Only
Why God sends his people into battle armed with the tools of everyday life.
Jericho's walls were brought down by a musical instrument (Josh. 6). Moses brought the Israelites from Egypt using a staff designed for steering sheep.
NBC Resurrects ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’
How will Christians respond to the live production? The show’s history offers some clues.
With it, there has been another, second question: How should Christians respond to a catchy musical that casts a skeptical, and at times flamboyantly irreverent, light on the story of
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Muslims (and other minorities) shouldn’t have to elevate national ideals above faith commitments before gaining a seat at the table of citizenship.
One way to understand Patel's conception of civil religion is to think of it like a complex and spirited national symphony—a musical score that all Americans are (ideally) invited to play.
Make Worship Patriotic Again? The Top 10 Songs for Fourth of July Services
A look at America’s favorite God-and-country tunes, from Revolutionary War anthems to a Trump-inspired musical number.
A look at America's favorite God-and-country tunes, from Revolutionary War anthems to a Trump-inspired musical number. Make Worship Patriotic Again?
Churches That Play Together Stay Together
Pastors report the congregational gains of letting loose as a body.
in Sunday worship. “I'd say, 'Grab all your belongings!' Then the musicians would play some happy music, and we'd play musical chairs.”. As Lassiter
Kurt Kaiser Passes Away, But His Music Will Pass It On
From Word Music to Baylor University, Christian composer leaves a legacy of hundreds of songs.
Together, they “convinced evangelicals and fundamentalists that Christian pop music could draw youth to outreach events and revivals,” including through their 1969 musical “Tell It
Reply AllSubscriber Access Only
Responses to our December issue.
The author thoughtfully engages one's literary impulses to intersect our historical, theological, and even musical frames of reference— all to present a message of great hope grounded
Hashtag Missions: How Social Media Is Reshaping ConferencesSubscriber Access Only
Gen Z’s digital natives bring followers along for the experience.
community experience,” Jao said. “If your invitation is just to hear a well-known speaker or an amazing musical experience, there's no reason to go. “If what you
God’s Glowing GiftSubscriber Access Only
Light is more than a symbol of God’s truth. It’s a tangible reminder of his love for us.
songs of light. I found them in unexpected places: mix tapes from friends, pop radio, indie bands, church songs, musical theater, and hymns. From my
Go Ahead. Love That Rom Com.
Rebel Wilson’s latest film reflects the common urge to trash romance. But love stories point us toward a deeper affection for God.
far too friendly. There are two musical numbers with perfect choreography. It's like “The Matrix for lonely women,” as Natalie puts it. It's unrealistic (and
Across the Globe, Contemporary Worship Music Is Bringing Believers TogetherSubscriber Access Only
More and more, says scholar Monique Ingalls, it permeates nearly every sphere of evangelical life.
Monique M. Ingalls, assistant professor of music at Baylor University, studies this phenomenon as an ethnomusicologist, looking at the intersection of different social and musical trends.
Running from the Light—and the Snakes
An opera heroine’s conflict with her faith and family has dangerously high stakes.
Additionally, the musical format allowed her to incorporate the shape note singing integral to the kind of charismatic church featured in the opera, and rockabilly-infused tunes inspired
Wait Upon the DropSubscriber Access Only
Why churches are turning to club music to elevate praise.
worship stylings are characteristics of the EDM aesthetic: layers of computer-programmed electronic backing tracks, quarter-note bass thumps, and cycles of musical “builds” and “drops
A Voice in the Crowd
What’s good and what’s bad about unpopular opinions.
It's hard to imagine anyone coming up with a more trollish take on anything. (It's strange, for instance, that a music writer has absolutely nothing to say about the musical value of the
Why Putting Christ Back in Christmas Is Not Enough
The history of American holiday cheer obscures the difficult details of the nativity narrative.
Like characters in a musical theater production, the protagonists of Luke's gospel find mere speech insufficient to the task of expressing their astonishing experiences.
One-on-One with Keith Getty on Congregational Singing in the Global Church
The very act of congregational worship is a symbol of unity
Two things, and both are related to my Irish upbringing. First, my musical childhood was church music, classical music, and whatever influences of Irish “folk” music I imbibed.
The Strange Journey of Christian Rock and Roll
Randall Stephens’s history pays attention to political and cultural flash points—without losing focus on the music itself.
We are just now beginning to gain enough historical distance from a phenomenon as big as DC Talk's Jesus Freak to truly understand its cultural, historical, and musical significance.
He Led Churches in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp. Now He Waxes Floors.Subscriber Access Only
But in his spare time, a leading refugee pastor is mentoring immigrant ministry leaders across the country.
Two years earlier, a nonprofit had given some musical instruments to the then three-year-old United Refugee Churches (URC), an umbrella association for several dozen Protestant
Top Story April 24, 2019
Theology of the Future
Theology of the Future
Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.
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