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20 Truths from Faith Among the Faithless
The life the Bible offers is not one that is safe from the tragedies of the world, but one in which God suffers with us and accompanies us through our hardships.
share; email; print. Mike Cosper, executive director of Harbor Media, a non-profit media company serving him to presume that the king would want to honor him above all his other subjects
Tribalism Outside the Church. And In.
While no two of us are completely alike, we tend to find fellow humans who share at least one if not more of our convictions.
This—the notion of the 'other' as enemy—is tribalism. Anyone who has scrolled through social media recently knows all to well the vitriolic nature of 21st-century public discourse.
Divorce After Abuse: How Paige Patterson’s Counsel Compares to Other Pastors
After audio of old comments circulates on social media, Southern Baptist leader clarifies his pastoral approach to domestic violence.
he made regarding counseling women in abusive marriages circulated on social media over the likely to condone divorce in cases of domestic violence than for other commonly cited
Cover Story: Mending Men’s MinistrySubscriber Access Only
How to disciple in an era of male floundering.
For one thing, Baker noticed that he and many other men had settled for shallow relationships based in social media. He decided that being intentional
Responding to Moral Failure in Church Leaders
Christians and church leaders must listen, address real issues, take action, and bring judgment.
Christian leaders. Let's not look the other way and ignore the problem. Of heard. Let's not air our struggles and battles in the public or social media. We live
Some (Recent) History of Church Planting – Two Startup Models
As long as the Kingdom of God is being built, we can be thankful for diversity in approaches.
They secure a free or rented space and engage in a mass introduction to the people in their community or region through mailings, advertisements, social media, and other forms of
The Critical Role of Name-Calling in Our Witness: You Are ‘Beloved’
Perfectionism is just chronic insecurity in disguise.
Social media has become an ostentatious microcosm and has brought with it crushing And when you continue to compare other people's fastidiously curated highlights to your own
Faith in Russia: What Does It Mean?
Many Russians, be they Orthodox or Evangelical, will understandably view their homeland with affection, loyalty, and patriotism.
Those of us living outside the Russian experience, influenced by Western media and historical memory, mistake our views as universal for other Christians.
Apocalypse Now? Evangelicals and a Raw Deal at Raw Story
Raw Story claims that a state senator “predicts Trump’s Jerusalem embassy decision may usher in Armageddon.” But, he didn't.
Instead, they pushed through an article that has been shared tens of thousands of times and garnered follow up reporting from other media outlets. That's poor journalism.
This Week, Speak the Name of Andrew Brunson, A Persecuted Brother in Turkey
Please join us in standing with Brunson’s family and home church in lifting the name of Andrew Brunson to the God he serves.
This week, Open Doors is joining many other Christians in calling on believers around the world to speak Andrew's name. To speak it boldly and deliberately. To post it on social media.
Are Southern Baptists Experiencing a #MeToo Moment?
It's been a crazy week for America's largest Protestant denomination.
truly in a #MeToo moment (like Mohler has claimed), why Southern Baptist leaders generally don't publicly criticize each other, and what role the internet and social media have played
The Wise Leader: Navigating Ethical Storms
Former U.S. Attorney contributes to an ongoing series.
I wrote a book, did a book tour, and spoke to countless media outlets (including “Meet the Press” and I was fortunate to have five other colleagues whom I knew and respected in the fight
Scotland’s Evangelical Island Gets Its First Mosque
Why supporting Muslims on the Isle of Lewis is mere Christianity.
Our advocacy for freedom of religion for people of other faiths also enables us to speak more credibly as Danny Webster is advocacy and media manager for the UK Evangelical Alliance
Paige Patterson and Doing the Right Thing for the SBC, Again
My heartfelt plea for the future reputation, and mission, of Southern Baptists.
criticizing other denominational agencies and declined to comment publicly. Do not misunderstand the silence as inaction. I understand that in 2018, if you are not on social media, you
The Focused Leader: Keeping the Mission as the Ultimate Goal
Missional leaders must cultivate biblically-shaped leadership and the gospel-structured mission.
and rebuke from the soldiers, the onlooking crowd, and even the other criminals being Distractions like social media, branding, locations, politics, finances, and more will vie for your
One-on-One with Scott Breslin on Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work
There is innate dignity to every occupation and job a Christian might do.
is not simply a message that can be transmitted digitally around the world via electronic media, although that is Scott: I have lived the majority of my life in countries other than my own.
The Moral of Moral Failings of Christian Leaders
The character of Christian leaders is in question. We need to ask why and work for change.
And even the opportunity for our witness to each other and to the world to be displayed as one And, I know that every social media expert out there will say, “If you just do THIS, it will fix it
20 Truths from Enter the Ring: Fighting Together for a Gospel-Saturated Marriage
Check out this new book from D.A. and Elicia Horton
Our efforts can become less about engaging in a war of words on social media and more into opportunities for oneness, if the couple works together to grow and love each other in the
Violence Against Women Begins in the Womb
Why female feticide threatens the social order.
in the image of God, which means we must challenge the violation of other persons. As we look to the future, civil society, educators, faith leaders, media, churches, and legislators need
Jesus, Take the Control Wheel: Southwest Pilot Saw Flying as Ministry
Fellow Texas Baptists cheer on Tammie Jo Shults, who heroically landed Flight 1390 after engine failure.
“She even created a business that does girl pilot stuff to empower other women to be As media reports proliferate about Shults' heroism, Thompson said, “she wants people to know that
Top Story May 26, 2018
Reading Together, Early Church Style
Reading Together, Early Church Style
New historical research by Brian J. Wright shows that early Christians were surprisingly bookish.
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