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An Admonition from Chuck Colson: You Are A Symbol of Hope
The Charles W. Colson Scholarship was designed to equip former inmates for ministry. Here is Colson's message to the 2006 recipients.
And they therefore know the grace and glory of God in ways that people who sit in church pews and You must keep persevering and growing in holiness and love for God every day.
One-on-One with Philip Ryken on the Gospel in North America
"Preach that gospel to yourself every day and share it with others as generously as you can."
So keep persevering, knowing that God will see you through. Ed Stetzer on Vimeo. Things to Check Out The Arrival Church: Activating a Diversifying Mission Force The Arrival Church
“Playing the Long Game”: 3 Reasons Learning to be Content Is Critical in Church Planting
Contentment is a required spiritual practice for church planters.
those challenging years of church planting is not found in the amount of funds a planter can raise or in how many people are attending? What if the secret to persevering, playing the
A Wall of Security or a Table of Fellowship?Subscriber Access Only
Matthew Kaemingk makes a political and theological case for welcoming Muslim immigrants.
pluralism fully infused with an exclusive gospel, a gospel compelling the church to live up for the oppressed or disenfranchised—it also requires humble, hopeful, persevering action for
Stepping Back Before Speaking Out
In solitude, we turn our face toward God who so loves this world.
This occurred at a weekend with our small group from church many years ago. This comes from an inward state of hoping for the other person's best and persevering in love even if the
The Robust Faith of George III
The “mad” ruler of England during the American Revolution led a life of impressive personal piety.
with the governance of his kingdom, republican leaders in the 13 colonies wanted to frame their new and lasting nation under a now-persevering separation of church and state.
Seven Myths Perpetuated by Missions People
Like being one degree off course, the negative outcomes increase in severity.
assume that the mission field is a frontline while your home church neighborhood is This is because persevering through trial, error, and occasional ambiguity contributes significantly to
Jesus Befriended Prostitutes. So This Victorian-Era Woman Did Too.
Josephine Butler’s faith prompted her to challenge the status quo of her day.
the reason she would face down thugs, public ridicule, and slander—persevering even when She would speak to crowds, meet with political leaders, church leaders, and society ladies.
The Benedict Option’s Blind SpotsSubscriber Access Only
A vibrant church in America learns from global and local leaders.
The New Testament provides a model of persevering faith, creativity, and community. Anyone seeking a more dynamic, transformational, risk-taking church in America will humbly learn
Fruitful Near-Culture Church Planters: A Qualitative Study (Part 1)
A survey of near-culture church planters
multiple times, was the idea of the worker “persevering through difficulty and suffering.” It seems that difficulty and suffering are companions of fruitfulness for near-culture church planters
Fruitful Near-Culture Church Planters: A Qualitative Study (Part 2)
A survey of near-culture church planters
She trains and coaches believers to ignite church-planting movements. were fruitful primarily because they value certain things: growing intimacy with Jesus, persevering on mission
When East Meets West
A response to Bradley Nassif's suggestions for Protestant and Orthodox communion.
Prospects for church fellowship between the Orthodox Church and churches with roots in indifference to true doctrine and right practice but demands patient, persevering effort toward
Carrying On After Jesus Is ‘Gone’
Jesus’ Ascension seems to happen at a rather inopportune time.
For those following a liturgical church calendar, Pentecost is generally viewed as the climactic moment of coming of the Holy Spirit, Peter led the band of disciples in persevering faith as
The Gospel Life Podcast
Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus.
Persevering in Our Love of Others. Ed Stetzer holds the Billy Graham Distinguished Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College, is executive director of the Billy
Gandalf on the Quad
What The Lord of the Rings can teach Christian leaders in higher education (and elsewhere).
Christian higher education: Philip Ryken, former senior pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia similar way, Frodo and Sam bear the burden of the Ring, persevering in their
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I Am a Survivor of Pastoral Exhaustion
Four insights that keep me from going down that road again.
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reaching numerical goals; it is persevering. I learned to resist the model of being evaluated only by the number of attendees, new members, baptisms, or conversions I had in the church.
How to Regain Cultural CapitalSubscriber Access Only
The persecuted church shows the power of community amid social hostility.
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The life and history of the church proves that there will always be those who wish to not our main concern, it can be a powerful byproduct of these kinds of persevering communities that
After 50 Years in a Wheelchair, I Still Walk with Jesus
On the anniversary of her accident, Joni Eareckson Tada reflects on God’s faithfulness.
They show the church how God's power can be released through weakness, and we all need examples of that. We need to see people who are smiling and persevering and enduring
Recent Research on End-of-Life Issues Reveal Holes in Our Theology
If we are pro-life, we are anti-assisted suicide.
example of persevering in suffering. When his very own wife said, “Curse God and die,” Job couldn't fathom such an act. And yet, what do we see happening in the Church's thinking if
We Need Mentors in Our Spiritual Lives, TooSubscriber Access Only
Diverse relationships within the church help teach and train.
Mary gained wisdom from persevering through life. regularly taught women's Bible studies, homeschooled her children, and was devoted to serving midshipmen, her church, and her
Top Story March 25, 2019
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
A deeper problem lies beneath recent stories of swelling rivers, soggy small towns, and feel-good relief efforts.
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