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Pew: More Sermons Endorse Clinton
Fewer pastors are politically engaged this election; fewer still are speaking for Trump from the pulpit.
Donald Trump, compared to 6 percent who heard praise for Hillary Clinton. Even with the current the ban, which has been part shouldn't prohibit pastors from preaching politics, but that
Goodbye, God Gap: Trump and Clinton Have Churchgoers Unusually SplitSubscriber Access Only
Plus here's what we know about evangelical Democrats.
In previous US elections, polls consistently showed that a year's unusual matchup between Trump and Hillary Clinton will be Trump only leads Clinton by four percentage points among
Pew: Most Evangelicals Will Vote Trump, But Not For Trump
With half of voters dissatisfied with both presidential candidates, white evangelicals primarily plan to oppose Clinton.
white evangelicals said they meant their vote as opposition to Hillary Clinton, not as In the current survey, 42 say it will be difficult to choose between Trump and Clinton because neither
Most Pastors Aren't Voting Trump as Primaries ApproachSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) In Iowa, evangelicals split caucus votes mostly between Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio.
Hillary Clinton leads among pastors who lean Democratic and Rubio (8%). Mainline pastors choose Cruz (13%), Clinton (10%), Sanders have a distinct view of the current election cycle
Trump, Clinton, or Neither: How Evangelicals Are Expected to Vote
(UPDATED) More data on the question debated by Russell Moore, Robert Jeffress, and many others.
Research. Trump, Clinton, or Neither: How Evangelicals Are Expected to Vote. Trump is viewed unfavorably by 67 percent of registered evangelical voters, while Hillary Clinton is viewed
8 Charts on Which Evangelicals Will (and Won't) Vote Trump on Super TuesdaySubscriber Access Only
Leaders seem to have little influence on voters. Church attendance might have much more.
Recent surveys have found that Trump is a “huge loser” among “But when it comes to politics, the data who scored more unfavorably with evangelicals was Hillary Clinton (-61), while
McCain Surges in Polls, But Many Evangelicals WarySubscriber Access Only
Observers say the candidate's policy stances and lack of "faith talk" has led some to look elsewhere, but Super Tuesday may change that.
Top Story April 22, 2019
Love That Will Not Let Go
Love That Will Not Let Go
Mary Magdalene both clung to the risen Christ and went out to bear witness.
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