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What Your Pastor Won’t Tell You (But Wishes You Knew) About Pastor Appreciation Month
An open letter to congregants.
I mean, when am I not a pastor?” This always-on, week-in, week-out grind takes a toll on have given him at that moment would have been a simple, hand-written card or a quick text of
Renewing Your Church: Recalibrating Your Vision to Create Sustainability
I narrowed the process of church recalibration down to four phases.
I soon realized that the changes needed were more than a new preacher or some quick cosmetic modifications. This takes courage to make decisions that may cost you.
Religious Liberty Takes the Cake: Supreme Court Speaks up for Religious Liberty, But Where Were Many Fellow Christians?
Supreme Court rules 7-2 in favor of Jack Phillips, doing the right thing. But there is more work to do.
Religious Liberty Takes the Cake: Supreme Court Speaks up for Religious Liberty, But Where Were Quick background: Jack Phillips is a Colorado baker who refused to make a custom
Breaking Bread with Broken People Brings Wisdom
Scripture calls us to seek God’s goodness in community, not in private.
It's signed with a quick heart and a simple B. It's also two years old. And my work as an author and speaker takes me away from home, if not on a frequent basis, at least a regular one.
What’s Good for Women Is Good for Men
Seminaries work to ensure women are a vital and flourishing part of their community.
“Women have always found a way,” Thompson is quick to state. Glahn takes a unique approach to creating constructive conversations around these issues:
The Problem with Sacred Spaces
Any space can, and does, become sacred when it’s animated by God’s presence and activity through the lives of a submitted people.
the sacred ones, where God acts, where his presence is felt, and where legitimate worship takes place God can meet you in the coffee shop when you voice a quick prayer on behalf of a
Evangelism Is a Work of Social Justice
How critics can help us keep such social ministries vibrant.
We live in an era dominated by the immanent framing of things, and it takes concerted effort to remember that, as important and vital as our world is, it is but a shadow Be Quick to Listen.
Here’s Who Willow Creek Chose to Investigate Bill Hybels
Independent advisory group of four evangelical leaders—two women and two men—hope to complete work by early 2019.
“We acknowledge that rebuilding trust takes time,” stated CT's Quick to Listen podcast assessed why the Hybels saga isn't just another pastor sex scandal, while CT editor in chief Mark
Can You Hear Me Now?
In an age when most are rushing to have their say, Christians can love by giving others a hearing.
More on Listening: Why We Argue Best with Our Mouths Shut Quick to Listen: Talking Is Not of us find it difficult to listen in conversations is because genuine listening takes more work
Being Salt and Light in the Middle of a Twitter Mob
Social media can be a dark and divisive place. That doesn’t mean we should simply withdraw.
Ironically, the approach the book takes to the problems of social media and its economic director for and Preaching Today, and he produces CT's Quick to Listen
Necessary Conversations: The Church, Suicide, and Mental Health
The church is for the broken. A church without the broken is a broken church.
Unfortunately, knowing someone who takes his or her own life as a result of mental illness is not that uncommon. We should always be quick to listen instead of offering judgment.
Can Preachers Make an Impact in a Post-Christian World?
Herman Bavinck’s advice to 19th century pastors still holds true today.
A pastor who takes every part of his work seriously “cannot always be fresh and recent Listen to our Quick to Listen podcast episode on Charles Taylor's influence on Christian thinkers.
12 Podcasts for Your Summer Listening List
A dozen women weigh in with their favorite podcasts on practicing the Sabbath, the science of pianos, and other topics worth talking about this summer.
I'm the co-host of Quick to Listen, a weekly current-events program that pushes back Our favorite episode, which takes a peek at how pianos actually make sounds, has become family
The Power of Our InabilitySubscriber Access Only
The glory and failing of the human body—it’s all God’s grace.
We're not as quick as we used to be in the gym and on the field; childbearing takes something out of us that never comes back; concentrating on difficult reading takes extra effort; a
The Christian History of America's Guns
How religious convictions have influenced our relationships with our firearms.
“In the back of the mind they may be saying, 'and save me too,' but this is the way the theological conversation takes place.”. What is “Quick to Listen”? Read more.
Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming Misconceptions, and Answering the Call (Part 2)
In reality, rural America is in a perilous position — perhaps in greater danger of decay and decline than many cities.
A quick look at rural zip codes through this tool reveals that the number of people not It takes a unified effort of the Church — both inside and outside rural America — to bring together
Cover Story: Mending Men’s MinistrySubscriber Access Only
How to disciple in an era of male floundering.
critics. But he is quick to argue that men's ministry should not focus on manliness. Clemmer wasn't surprised. Building relationships takes time, he says. “We
Pastoral Training Is Changing
It's not a straight path to the pulpit anymore.
Yet seminary leaders are quick to say that online programs aren't for everyone. “While I'm excited about offering a DMin program 100-percent online, I hope no one takes full advantage
Why We Mourn for Pakistan’s ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Persecuted church advocate K. A. Ellis on what it takes for the Western Church to support its beleaguered brothers and sisters.
Persecuted church advocate KA Ellis on what it takes for the Western Church to support For the latest episode of Christianity Today's weekly podcast, Quick to Listen, Ellis joins Morgan
A Wrinkle in Heaven
Can the spiritual dimensions of reality be probed by science?
To see this vision, though, we will first need a quick primer on the physics of higher It takes only a small leap of imagination, then, to wonder whether Jesus had access to such higher
Seeking the Body and Blood Behind Bars
Seeking the Body and Blood Behind Bars
When I wanted to take Communion in prison, I had to “steal” it.
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