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Sri Lankan Sunday School Was ‘Willing to Die for Christ’ on Easter. Half Did.
Amid funerals and fears after ISIS-linked attacks, Christian leaders across the island explain how they are guiding the faithful on mourning and Muslims.
Amid funerals and fears after ISIS-linked attacks, Christian leaders across the island explain how they are guiding the faithful on mourning and Muslims.
What Is Cultural Apologetics?
Effective apologetics today requires a genuine missionary encounter.
in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Oklahoma Baptist University and is the founder of the Two Tasks Institute. This excerpt is taken from his most recent book Cultural
The Gospel of AI: Evangelicals Want Tech to Remain Good News
In a “pioneering” new statement, leaders emphasize humanity’s moral authority over emergent technology like artificial intelligence.
of what is right and fair that we have seen in the recent lurchings of Michael Paulus, director and associate professor of information studies at Seattle Pacific University, said, “One
Can Anti-Aging Treatments Offer Abundant Life?Subscriber Access Only
Science seeks to fix aging and death. But a Christian vision of the good life might actually embrace them.
Aubrey de Grey, for instance, who headlined a recent CTA conference, studies preventative maintenance for the human body and believes the first human to live to 1,000 has already
How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
Theology of the FutureSubscriber Access Only
Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.
The same is at least partly true in biblical studies. Much recent systematic theology has come at these questions obliquely by studying the great minds of the past. That is vital.
The Problem of Evil in ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’
In the CW's take on the teenage witch, Satan is front and center.
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the most well-known of the recent iterations (among period beginning in 1990, Barry Kosmin of Trinity College conducted three studies on American
‘Pointless’ Bones, ‘Flawed’ Birth Spacing, and ‘Broken’ Genes
Why our flaws alone can’t disprove God’s purpose.
Evolution, he writes in his recent book Human Errors, “doesn't make plans.” Working Patricia Kramer, who studies the evolution of human locomotion at the University of Washington
How Universalism, ‘the Opiate of the Theologians,’ Went Mainstream
Michael McClymond decries the rising popularity of an idea Christians have rejected for most of church history.
What explains the recent resurgence in self-described Christians affirming (or at least flirting As an undergraduate at Northwestern University, I had a religious studies professor—the
One-on-One with Juan Martinez on the Faith of Latino Emerging Adults
“Young Latino transnational believers in Christ have the relational life skills necessary to be transcultural missionaries and intercultural leaders.”
Juan: There are several good studies about the religious perspectives of millennials in the US I would Juan: In my most recent book on Latino Protestants in the US, I focus on the history
The Continuing Enigma
It is important for the global church to understand that China matters for us all.
Third, the recent detaining of a million Muslims in re-education camps in west China They will plant new churches, start Bible studies, promote prayer, and provide human service, doing
The Many Flavors of Latino Protestantism
Three sociologists look at the impact of this growing body of believers on the American church.
in common with their US counterparts, but many of the recent movements look Numerous studies have demonstrated that Pentecostal expressions of faith have been more attractive to
Jewish Christians Are Recovering Their Distinctive Religious HeritageSubscriber Access Only
A growing group of Jews who believe in Jesus is crossing boundaries to revive their identity and restore unity in the church.
In Jerusalem, Father Antoine Levy, a Jewish Dominican priest, studies modern Hebrew A recent LifeWay Research survey, sponsored by Chosen People Ministries (CPM), discovered
Emerging Adults and the Church: Is There Really an Exodus?
Are emerging adults are leaving their faith behind? We are hosting a conference to explore this question.
In a recent survey conducted by the Billy Graham Center Institute in partnership with LifeWay Research, we There are some studies of Gen Z, those born after 1996, but only a small
How Christian Art Historically Depicts Women and Their Bodies
Examining how female biblical characters have been visually represented over time.
a professor at Notre Dame who specializes in the history of Christianity and liturgical studies. The article was half a response to Lutheran pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber's recent statue of a
The SBC, Abuse, and the Need for a Better Response
The SBC Executive Committee response to J.D. Greear needs to be walked back to show survivors they are worth more than a quick dismissal.
Keith Whitfield, dean of graduate studies at Southeastern Seminary, said it best when he spoke of the larger problem of abuse in the SBC in a recent article:
How Cracking Wheat’s Genetic Code Reminds Us Who We Are
This grain’s genome echoes of the strength found in the diversity of God’s people.
The recent mapping of the wheat genome may inspire us to notice how these scientists challengers—weeds, pests, weather—that many other kinds of scientists focus on in their studies.
Did George Whitefield Serve Two Masters?
A new biography helps us come to terms with the unsavory side of the great revivalist’s mission to America.
San Francisco, and director of academic programs at the Newbigin House of Studies, is not Choi, however, follows more the recent scholarly recognition that the colony was actually at
United Methodists’ LGBT Vote Will Reshape the Denomination
Pulled right and left by various factions of the global church, the UMC’s decision-making body meets this weekend to pick a path forward.
Church in Flint, Michigan, and the founding associate dean of Fuller Theological Seminary's African American church studies center. His most recent book is All the Best Questions.
‘A Theology of Everything’ for a Pluralistic World
Fuller theology professor Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen thinks Catholics and Pentecostals are doing today's best theology.
It currently functions as a faculty of religious studies but in a totally secular setting to theological issues—both traditional, for example the Trinity and Christology, or more recent ones like
Top Story April 26, 2019
Not Worth a Shot: Why Some Christians Refuse Vaccinations on Moral Grounds
Not Worth a Shot: Why Some Christians Refuse Vaccinations on Moral Grounds
The use of fetal cell lines from the 1960s is another sticking point in the vaccine debate.
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