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John Perkins Has Hope for Racial Reconciliation. Do We?
The civil rights hero delivers his “final manifesto” on race and the church’s call to unity.
John Perkins Has Hope for Racial Reconciliation. Do We? We must start by seeing and embracing God's great vision for his church, biblical reconciliation.
Why Has It Become Harder To Stock the Church Planter Pipeline?
It’s become more difficult to recruit church planters today compared to the recent past
hindrance to an organization's pipeline is when its leaders can't demonstrate to a new generation of recruits how they're contributing to a greater sense of reconciliation and leadership
The Palms, the Temple, and the Nations
What made Jesus explode in the Temple on Monday is actually related to his Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday.
The Temple and palms do speak with a common voice. They reveal God's vision for peace between the ethnicities and our reconciliation under the universal kingship of Jesus.
A Humble Servant with a Simple Message: John Perkins Remembers Billy Graham
Billy Graham's legacy through John Perkins' eyes.
He was a true partner in Christ and was someone who enriched the Church's demonstration of the gospel, particularly through its embodiment of reconciliation.
The Divorce & Remarriage of Evangelism and Discipleship
Jesus constantly and seamlessly integrated evangelism and discipleship into his everyday actions and into the way he spiritually formed and shaped the 12 disciples.
application. A reconciliation of terms and practice. The threads of history help us understand how we got to where we are. But how do we move forward?
Colombia’s Next President Could Be an Evangelical Woman
Viviane Morales explains why truth and repentance will heal the scarred South American nation more than prison sentences for FARC rebels.
Viviane Morales explains why truth and repentance will heal the scarred South American nation more than prison sentences for FARC rebels.
Chicagoland Church Planting Alliance Spring 2018 | Chicagoland. Context. Evangelism.
Chicago presents a unique context for evangelism and church planting.
River City is a vibrant, multiethnic church in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, and their vision is oriented around the 3 pillars of worship, reconciliation, and neighborhood
Holy Sepulchre Will Reopen After Jerusalem Suspends Church Tax Grab
Leader of Christian-Jewish reconciliation ministry explains the standoff.
Leader of Christian-Jewish reconciliation ministry explains the standoff.
The Theology for Life Podcast
A weekly podcast co-hosted by Drs. Ed Stetzer and Lynn Cohick
Rick consults widely with churches on evangelism and healing and reconciliation for the emerging generation and on contemporary missional churches and missional movements.
More on Leaving White Evangelicalism: A Response from Bryan Loritts
People of color need to establish our own conferences, organizations, and networks.
friends, not because it's pushback, but because they have grown up in all white churches that refuse to educate them on biblical, gospel issues like diversity and racial reconciliation.
Are Evangelicals Losing the Gospel in Our Day?
The Gospel itself never changes; the way we share the Gospel must.
to address: How can reconciliation and justice in our divided and stratified world win? Maybe even better put, how can reconciliation with justice win?
How to Become America’s Fastest-Growing Church? Think Like a Startup.Subscriber Access Only
Cincinnati’s Crossroads uses entrepreneurial strategies for gospel ends.
local needs. One campus has a program focused on racial reconciliation, while another has a ministry to people recovering from heroin addiction. To
A Surprising Life Cycle: A Glimpse at Rwanda Today
Reconstruction and revival in Rwanda
tiresome burdens of hatred. In a past Dispatch, I wrote of Bishop John Rucyahana, who serves as chair of the Reconciliation Commission. His book, The
King’s Dream Succeeds If We Study the Bible
Cross-racial partnerships only have lasting power if they’re rooted in Scripture.
Racial reconciliation requires the fundamentals of faith practice: good, substantive Scripture study with diverse believers. While cross-racial friendships
How Christians Can Combat Racism Theologically After Charlottesville
A pair of scholars bring up a new and old approach.
Enough With Racial 'Reconciliation'. By Clifton Clarke. There are some serious flaws with the “reconciliation project” championed by many evangelicals.
Three Biblical Frameworks for Faithfulness in the Post-Christendom West (Part 1)
Call. Context. Commission.
Father. We are not sent to the same ministry (of death and resurrection) but to the same message: the proclamation of forgiveness and reconciliation.
Race and Ethnicity
The local church is unrivaled in its potential to bring about meaningful transformation.
Fenway Park. In this follow-up post, I will attempt to explain why I believe the local church is an ideal context in which to pursue racial reconciliation. I
Trickle-Down Evangelism
Are disciples becoming disciple-makers?
Writing to the church in Corinth, Paul reminds believers that all those who have been reconciled to God through Christ have been entrusted with the message of reconciliation (2 Cor.
God’s Divine Plan for Muslim Immigrants
Data about how Muslims come to Christ should affect our thinking on immigration.
Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 5:18–20 that “all this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.
How 1,000 Pastors Pursue Racial Reconciliation
Personal relationships and prayer preferred over preaching and protests.
Research. How 1,000 Pastors Pursue Racial Reconciliation. Personal Lightstock. Nine out of 10 American pastors say they recently encouraged racial reconciliation.
Top Story April 21, 2018
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
“We are sorry,” elder board says as more women claim misconduct.
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