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Renewing Your Church: His Greatness Through Your Willingness
God is using the revitalization of the church to demonstrate his glory.
In order to supplement our income as well as help a church in need, my senior Issue November 2018Subscribe. November. Read This Issue. No Cheeks Left to Turn: A Special Report on
What to Do When Ministry Jobs Are Scarce
3 ways to protect yourself from unexpected unemployment.
There's nothing wrong with seeking out non-ministry related ways to supplement your income. I continued to be active in my presbytery, served on special committees, and accepted
Forgive Us Our Debts: How Christian College Grads Pay the Price
Evangelical schools work to capture the real cost of student loans.
in a scholarship program, including one where students raise money to supplement funding from in debt must explain their financial situation in writing to a special committee, including
Must-Haves for Innovation in Missions (Part One)
Christian ministries are not insulated from the hyper-speed of change in the twenty-first century.
and Christian universities could be trained to use their biblical knowledge to supplement the efforts Subscribe. November. Read This Issue. No Cheeks Left to Turn: A Special Report on
Beyond Bono and Eugene Peterson: The Most Searched and Shared PsalmsSubscriber Access Only
Fuller Seminary video wants more reading. Here's what people already are.
Calvin, and other early reformers, all of whom held the Psalms up as special—indeed, elevating the Psalms and a list of resources on Psalms and prayer to supplement the documentary
10 Obscure Gospel Moments Most Jesus Films MissSubscriber Access Only
A look at commonly neglected gospel stories and films that depict them.
So I wanted to supplement my earlier list with a newer, more particular list of ten stories this event is probably Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth (1977), which makes a special point of
The Divine Rise of Multilevel MarketingSubscriber Access Only
Behind the $34 billion industry making its way to your church.
celebrate each other's achievements with Facebook posts for earning a special certification, making a When she became a Mary Kay consultant to supplement her teacher's salary, she
Our Almost National AnthemSubscriber Access Only
The 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' has marched its way through American history. But does it do justice to Jesus?
The lyrics were part of a special supplement to the Philadelphia Inquirer, published at the beginning of the Civil War centennial. I must have read that supplement to pieces.
Reply AllSubscriber Access Only
Readers respond to the October issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
that reason, I do not believe military intervention will stop the threat even if it might supplement a larger Being on campus allowed for this special experience, one cherished to this day.
Saved by My Refugee Neighbors
How a group of Asian immigrants took a privileged, wandering guy into their family and embraced me.
Issue Archives; Subscribe; Give a Gift; Donate. Special Sections: CT Pastors; News & Reporting; fellow grandmas collect aluminum cans and hawk their produce to supplement their scant
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneySubscriber Access Only
Tolkien's classic quest is interpreted through the wider lens of his full Middle-Earth works.
But three newcomers to the franchise are worthy of special attention. In 1937, Times Literary Supplement noted that only "at a tenth or twentieth reading will [readers] begin to realize
How can a small church recruit enough people to carry out programs?Subscriber Access Only
While we would like to offer more, we intentionally limit the number of programs we offer because we cannot sustain more. Supplement your ongoing programs with special events.
Morning Roundup - August 6, 2012
I know of students who want to use the app as a supplement to their study. In this book, I tried to emphasize what's becoming more special to me--the indwelling presence of God.
No Place Like a HouseSubscriber Access Only
Affordable units help Middle Eastern Christians stay put.
A special Middle East synod convened in October by Pope Benedict XVI identified the same Like the project in Jerusalem, it will supplement a nearby Greek Orthodox Church project
Space FrontiersSubscriber Access Only
How three churches are pioneering new ways to use facilities for the gospel.
To be fair, we only get the building on Sundays and an occasional special event. In the summer of 2008, to supplement the absence of school lunch programs for students, we launched
Critics Throw Constan-tantrumsSubscriber Access Only
Constantine—;a convoluted mess of Christian terminology, or a worthwhile discussion starter? Plus: Critics respond to Because of Winn-Dixie, Son of the Mask, and Assisted Living
Where the 1994 film made story and character secondary to gimmicky special effects, the informed that it and its accompanying curriculum is appropriate as a 'supplement to language
Hunger Has a ProfileSubscriber Access Only
Working at my local food pantry helped me personalize the statistics.
the client receives a basket to use to shop for other foods to supplement those basics article was posted today with "Hunger by the Numbers." Christianity Today has a special section on
Myths of CounselingSubscriber Access Only
This clinical psychologist says professional therapy is overused and overvalued. Christian counselors Louis McBurney, David Benner, Jay Adams, and Gary Collins respond.
First, there is absolutely no evidence that professional therapists have any special knowledge of around the psychiatrists' table looking for crumbs with which to "supplement" what the
The Gospel of Jesus ChristSubscriber Access Only
An introduction to The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration.
Funding for publishing this special supplement, a part of Christianity Today's Evangelical Doctrinal Renewal Project, was provided in part by the Lilly Endowment. Related Elsewhere.
Editorial: North Korea's Hidden FamineSubscriber Access Only
The poor and the weak should not have to starve due to the policies of their government.
To supplement the meager ration of rice, people are eating a weak gruel made from tree bark In this case, World Vision has a special sense of mission since the organization was begun
Seeking the Body and Blood Behind Bars
Seeking the Body and Blood Behind Bars
When I wanted to take Communion in prison, I had to “steal” it.
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