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You Have Searched Me, Oh Apple Face ID, and You Know Me
AI may be familiar with all our ways, but God created our face for much more.
Our faces, our identity. Facial recognition is no longer limited to people but is coming into its own in the world of technology and artificial intelligence.
Can Multi-Site Work in a Rural Context?
Many churches have embraced a multi-site strategy with a lot of success.
We assume that for multi-site to work, it needs to come from a large congregation with numerous staff, lots of money, expensive technology, and skilled people to operate that technology
Should Pastors Podcast Their Sermons?Subscriber Access Only
Experts weigh in.
This, in part, will mean the church must engage innovation and technology rather than trying to preserve the status quo. This is particularly important
Some (Recent) History of Church Planting – Two Startup Models
As long as the Kingdom of God is being built, we can be thankful for diversity in approaches.
a free or rented space and engage in a mass introduction to the people in their community or region through mailings, advertisements, social media, and other forms of technology.
Three Elements of an Explosive Church Planting Movement
Developing better systems to reflect the best in kingdom expansion
Those numbers would be impressive today, so how did it happen before modern technology and training? Well, I wrote about it in 45 pages with over 17,000 words and 238 footnotes.
20 Truths from Enter the Ring: Fighting Together for a Gospel-Saturated Marriage
Check out this new book from D.A. and Elicia Horton
Technology is both a blessing and a curse—a blessing because it allows us to communicate while we are away from each other, and a curse because it is fighting to be the Lord over
The Year Science Took Over the Pro-Life Movement
Even the technology touted at 2018’s March for Life can divide the cause when it comes to abortion policy.
Even the technology touted at 2018's March for Life can divide the cause when it comes to abortion policy. But this year's also looked to science and technology to bolster the cause.
The Critical Role of Name-Calling in Our Witness: You Are ‘Beloved’
Perfectionism is just chronic insecurity in disguise.
be the most critical. Jim Collins posits in Good to Great that although technology cannot create growth, it can accelerate it. Social media has become
20 Truths on The Human Right by Rice Broocks
God's Sovereignty, Justice, and Truth.
of everything good in the West: its notion of human dignity, human rights, human equality, justice, optimism, rationality, family, education, universities, technology, science, culture of
Why We Need a Missiological Edge in Church Planting
Bigger and better AND deeper and further
But like industrial processes and technology, the reality is that a lot of it will become obsolete or at least too cumbersome to implement in what's already become a post-industrial society.
Video-Driven, Multisite Church Planting in Rural North America
Bringing big church opportunities to small communities
Themed teaching series, joint mission work, print and video pieces, use of technology, and many other things afforded by a connected network give a multisite church unique
5 Purchases Your Church Should Make Before Its Next Splurge
The new coffee bar can wait. These things can’t.
The cost of security cameras varies. Advancements in technology, however, enable one camera to cover more square footage with proper placement.
Unapologetically Pro-Life—From the Moment of Conception Until the Last Breath on Earth
Being pro-life goes from the womb to the tomb, and Christians need to be unapologetic about those values.
Ultrasound technology today allows women to hear their baby's heartbeat as early as six to seven weeks' gestation; this is changing the game for pro-life advocates.
How to Binge Watch Like a Believer
The acclaimed cultural critic Andy Crouch says parents, not kids, are the key to a tech-wise family.
have a more complicated job in raising their kids today than previous generations—primarily because they have the added responsibility of monitoring their children's technology use.
Violence Against Women Begins in the Womb
Why female feticide threatens the social order.
their child. Cheap, portable ultrasound technology is widely available, and affluent in-laws pressure their daughters-in-law to give birth to sons. One survey
North Korea Frees American Christians
President Trump announced that the three prisoners have been released prior to his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un.
President Trump announced that the three prisoners have been released prior to his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un.
What Tech Should My Church Get?Subscriber Access Only
A hasty technology purchase can cost you big time down the road.
A hasty technology purchase can cost you big time down the road. Even if you have the money to spend, it's vital to do your due diligence before you invest in new church technology.
The Sacred Gift of Selfies
Craig Detweiler sees spiritual significance underneath the stereotypes.
dedicated to the invention of the camera and its early uses, you write: “Those with the cameras often exerted power over those who could not afford this new technology.” Then later
Christianity Today’s 2018 Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
Christian Living/Discipleship. The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place. Andy Crouch (Baker Books). “What do
A New Q&A on Facebook: Join Me Each Tuesday at Noon CST
I love technology. But if I'm honest, one of the main reasons I love technology is that is helps me develop, sustain, and grow relationships with people from all over.
Top Story May 20, 2018
How the Spirit Sets Us Up for Holiness
How the Spirit Sets Us Up for Holiness
The same Spirit that descended on the disciples at Pentecost empowers our devotion to God.
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