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‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ Gets Cosmic Conflict Disturbingly Right
David Lynch’s cult-classic revival is exactly as imaginative—and as uncomfortable—as it always needed to be.
David Lynch's cult-classic revival is exactly as imaginative—and as uncomfortable—as it always But many viewers had already bailed, preferring the security of formulaic crime shows.
Juveniles Stuck in the Justice System: How Can the Church Respond?
YFC JJM stands ready to equip, enable, and empower the local church to make a long-term impact for high-risk teens in local communities.
“What do you want to do when you grow up?” This is the classic question to crimes; however, in a punitive juvenile justice system, many times kids serve the time regardless of the crime.
Blessed Are the HandoutsSubscriber Access Only
Why some Christian poverty experts believe we should give cash to the poor, no strings attached.
the chances of teenagers committing a crime by 22 percent, likely a result of less crime committed by As early as 1840, Alexis de Tocqueville noted in his classic Democracy in America:
Getting Small Churches on Mission (Part 4)
More ways small churches can serve their communities
Unlike state or federal prisons, those in jail have often not yet been convicted of a crime. [i] Fiester, Early Warning, 6. [ii] Thornbury, Recovering Classic Evangelicalism, 175.
The Religious Conflict at the Heart of Our Culture Wars
How theological differences over sex have fueled some of the bitterest political fights of the past century and more.
little like saying Al Capone was caught up in the glamorization of organized crime then common Yet the classic American arguments for the freedom and equality of all people obviously
Why True Crime Is Making a ComebackSubscriber Access Only
We have all been Jinxed and Serialed.
While Truman Capote's 1966 classic In Cold Blood brought mass appeal to true-crime literature, nonliterary true crime experienced a renaissance of sorts when Morris, then a relative
What Science Says About the Age of Accountability Subscriber Access Only
The latest research on good, evil, and infants.
Subscribers to this view generally favor nurture in the classic nature versus nurture debate. mind” means to define at what point a child can understand and intentionally commit a crime.
The Best Books to Read for Lent (That You Won't Find in a Christian Bookstore)Subscriber Access Only
Ten examples of literature and poetry that nurture and confront the soul.
Crime and Punishment. Fyodor Dostoevsky. The central character of Dostoevsky's 19th-century classic is the murderer Raskolnikov, one of the most complex, lovingly drawn criminals in
¡Vivan Los Evangelicos! (a CT classic)Subscriber Access Only
Hispanics are not only spicing up U.S. culture, they are fueling the greatest growth in the North American church.
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With that context, we hope that you enjoy this classic—and prophetic—article from Christianity Today. years ago granting amnesty to certain illegal aliens has also made it a crime to hire
Why Pop Culture Is Obsessed with 'Identity'Subscriber Access Only
2015 was a year when many movies and TV shows showed characters searching for their 'authentic self.' What Christians can learn from that search.
Nearly every TV show about crime fighting, for instance, needs some gimmick to make it into a Walter White of Breaking Bad, Frank Underwood of House of Cards), is a classic genius.
Bruised and Bleeding: Watching 'Daredevil' and 'Jessica Jones'Subscriber Access Only
Two Marvel shows give us an uncommon abandonment of the lone-hero trope.
he cares at all about any of us, Fisk will get what he deserves” to crime lord Wilson a rape victim, for her situation, that Kilgrave can seem charming, and that his classic command toward
Mr. HolmesSubscriber Access Only
After over 250 appearances on screen, is there a point to telling yet another Sherlock Holmes story? Yes, there sure is.
Genre Crime, Drama, Mystery. Directed By Bill Condon. Run Time 1 hour 44 minutes. Cast Sherlock even eventually gives in to the classic creative conceits of his own stories, enjoying
The Quick Take for July 11, 2014Subscriber Access Only
Sequels in the form of sitcoms and on the silver screen—what the critics are saying about 'Apes' and 'Girl Meets World.'
Streaming Picks. Love sharing your childhood favorites with your kids? Netflix recently released everybody's favorite crime-fighting cult classic The Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio.
Ant-ManSubscriber Access Only
Ant-Man has all the right parts, but it's time for Marvel to start taking the issues it raises seriously.
the (very) tried-and-true Marvel formula, Ant-Man has enough of the classic superhero origin jokes, and their situations—ex-cons weighing the benefits of returning to crime and trying to
He Said, She SaidSubscriber Access Only
Memory and its link to justice were a hot topic for 2014's pop culture.
One of the early pop cultural explorations of this phenomenon was Rashomon, the classic 1950 Japanese telling the story of an affair between Noah and Alison—and a crime, too—by
The Quick Take for August 1, 2014Subscriber Access Only
What the critics are saying about the mystical, whimsical "Magic in the Moonlight" and "Mood Indigo."
New to Netflix this week is the crime drama Out of the Furnace Amazon Prime users can now instantly stream Annie Hall, Woody Allen's classic 1977 rom-com starring Diane Keaton and
A Christian Response to TrollingSubscriber Access Only
It’s not always easy to "love thy hateful commenter as thyself."
It's the Facebook commenter who blames the president for everything from crime statistics to bad That's the classic definition, around since the late 1980s, used by The New York Times
Sinister Tips for Mission TripsSubscriber Access Only
What the devil may be up to as churches sally forth.
No one more famously wrote about temptation than CS Lewis in his classic novel The Second, the shocking nature of the crime has unified the town against the drug traffickers, filling
David Lowery's Ballad of Outlaws and LoversSubscriber Access Only
A chat with the director reveals that his film "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" hearkens back to classic American obsessions, cinematic history, literature—and the Bible, too.
reveals that his film "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" hearkens back to classic American obsessions With Bob out of sight, both aging crime boss Skerritt (a weathered Keith Carradine whose
Streaming This Weekend, May 31, 2013Subscriber Access Only
The Hobbit, The Lorax, Life is Beautiful, and Longmire.
At times hilarious and at times heart-wrenching, this one is a classic. If you're into Westerns and crime shows, consider catching the Longmire season 2 premiere on Hulu.
Top Story April 24, 2019
Theology of the Future
Theology of the Future
Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.
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