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She Shaped Me: 10 Exemplars of Faith
Christian leaders reflect on the women from history who’ve influenced them.
Eventually, she made her way to India, where she lived for the next 53 years. Mabuni notes that Carmichael was an early pioneer in “rescuing vulnerable children caught in sex
Confronting the Toxic Power in Me
High-profile stories of fallen pastors can distract us from ourselves or hold up a mirror to our souls.
In our early years of ministry, the Lord began to show us the problem of power wasn't just “out there,” at those megachurches and in those celebrity pastors.
How Mothers (and Others) Minister in Disrupted Spaces
Christ's kingdom work involved detours. Can we follow his model?
Now, however, as my children move into their teens, I'm beginning to recognize that, in those early years, God was teaching me to be openhanded with my hopes in order to serve others
David Foster Wallace Broke My Heart
Ten years after his suicide, I marvel at his genius but mourn the crushing burdens he carried.
It is impossible to read Wallace's description of a crisis in Dostoevsky's early adulthood without of why I miss David Foster Wallace, and why his death—even 10 years later—breaks my
‘What Should I Do to Become a Pastor?’
I work for a seminary, but my advice for aspiring ministers doesn’t start there.
Admittedly, this is a step I didn't experience early in my faith and church experience. But over the years, as I learned the importance of reading through the entire Bible, I discovered
Renewing Your Church: The (Sometimes) Slow and Detailed Process of Revitalization
Turning a country-club-style church into a church on a mission.
I pulled out annual church profiles from the previous 20 years and started making graphs and reports. I was able to see how well the church had done in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Despite Disappointing Some, New Mark Manuscript Is Earliest Yet
Bible scholars have been waiting for the Gospel fragment’s publication for years.
There are several early papyri of Matthew and John, but before this new fragment was earliest manuscript of the New Testament to survive from antiquity, written within 40 years of when
Mr. Rogers Had a Dangerous SideSubscriber Access Only
Underneath the gentle smile and neighborly manner, he was driven by anger at the way the world treated children.
But early on in The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers, author Maxwell A few years into his career in children's television, shortly after the advent of public broadcasting
Is Your Church Ready to Care for Those Reentering Society?
Churches have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to welcome former prisoners home.
I have been involved in prison ministry for 14 years, and I have never met a prisoner who wasn't nervous about In Acts 2:42-47, Luke paints a picture of how the early church operated.
Bill Hybels Resigns from Willow Creek
Megachurch pastor “accelerates” October retirement weeks after former colleagues went public with misconduct allegations.
and other leaders. In their book, Rediscovering Church, his wife, Lynne Hybels, describes how those early years nearly ruined the couple's marriage.
The Anti-Racism Activist That History Forgot
In the Jim Crow era, an African-American newspaper owner made a biblical case against racism.
He was best known in his early years for engaging in perhaps the greatest evil a late 19th-century evangelical Protestant could envision: the liquor trade.
Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?Subscriber Access Only
What space exploration tells us about human curiosity, from Eden to Mars.
Several hundred years ago, it was Polynesian wa 'a kaulua brimming with coconuts and For early Christians such as Tertullian, there was the question of what curiosity about the world
Your Best Years Are Not Behind You
God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones.
I used to think our best years were based on timing and talents, but our best years, it turns out, are based on our godly purpose—and our My daddy taught me this principle early on.
Francis Chan: Stop Treating the Book of Acts Like Hyperbole
The former megachurch pastor asks today’s churches to measure their practices against the New Testament standard.
cop, a school teacher, a tech guy, a restaurant worker, and a guy who was homeless two years ago the things I'm writing about are for today just as much as they were for the early church
10 New or Lesser-Known Female Theologians Worth Knowing
More and more evangelical women are pursuing higher education in theology. Here are a few you haven’t heard of yet.
theologians, we hope to continue this conversation in the coming years by platforming As a historical theologian, Amy Brown Hughes studies the interface between early Christian texts
How Sunday School Sparked Revival in Egypt's Oldest Church
Inspired by Western missionaries, a humble Coptic cleric gave new life to the ancient church through education.
Early Church; Middle Ages; Reformation; Early Modern; Modern. “I never knew.”. My wife and I have lived in Egypt for nearly nine years and consider ourselves of evangelical faith.
Reliving the Reformation, As It Happened
Craig Harline portrays the suspense-filled early years of Martin Luther’s movement, when the outcome was anything but certain.
Craig Harline portrays the suspense-filled early years of Martin Luther's movement, when the outcome was anything but certain. Reliving the Reformation, As It Happened.
One-on-One with Tom Lin on InterVarsity’s 2030 Calling
"Longing for revival, we catalyze movements that call every corner of every campus to follow Jesus."
Ed: It's early, but do you have a sense for how this calling has been going so far? As just one example, we can look to the state of Louisiana, where for many years InterVarsity has had
Reading Together, Early Church StyleSubscriber Access Only
New historical research by Brian J. Wright shows that early Christians were surprisingly bookish.
Brian J. Wright first experienced communal reading more than 15 years ago, which led him into Most of our study Bibles tell us that many of the apostles and early Christians were not
Where Church & Culture Collide—New Churches, Stories, and Many Forms of Gospel Witness
We should plant churches that plant churches, but also help these communities blossom into a life-giving presence in and for their cities.
need years to study, experiment, and attempt several unsuccessful projects. Christian communities should be hubs of encouragement along the way, giving space for early experiments
Francis Chan: Stop Treating the Book of Acts Like Hyperbole
Francis Chan: Stop Treating the Book of Acts Like Hyperbole
The former megachurch pastor asks today’s churches to measure their practices against the New Testament standard.
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