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Methodism’s Global Reach Has Changed the Denomination
The tradition is largest in the US but today has a strong international presence. How did that happen?
as we record this episode, could change the faith of Methodism and may have broad global consequences as we'll get into, have a unique polity hear that bears on this conversation in a
Theology of the Future
Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.
Luther, and Calvin—all tried to bring the Bible, philosophy, and theology into a shared conversation. But without rigorous theological study, in its widest senses, the global church will be
The Gospel of AI: Evangelicals Want Tech to Remain Good News
In a “pioneering” new statement, leaders emphasize humanity’s moral authority over emergent technology like artificial intelligence.
The evangelical statement marks a strong, timely insertion into the global AI discussion. it was published, said he is glad to see the church stepping into this conversation earlier than it
Templeton Prize Winner: Marcelo Gleiser, Physicist Who Beholds the Universe’s Mysteries
The agnostic is credited with bringing believers and religious questions into the scientific realm.
The agnostic is credited with bringing believers and religious questions into the scientific realm.
21 Unremarkable Martyrs and Their Remarkable Gifts to the World
A writer goes in search of the young Coptic Christian men executed on film by ISIS.
Instead, however, we meander through a long imaginary conversation in a Cairo teahouse, a paragraph about birds that “cavorted,” a paragraph-long reflection about garbage as “one
The ‘Whole’ in Our GospelSubscriber Access Only
Has "holistic mission" won the missiological battle? Its champions say so, but their boast might be premature.
But overall, this book is a useful contribution to an important and ongoing conversation. Whatever terminology we choose to describe the church's global mission, we'll need voices like
How Should Christians Respond to Christchurch Mosque Massacre?
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
Eleven evangelical experts weigh in as death toll of New Zealand Muslims hits 50.
God’s Global Mission in an Era of the Autonomous Self
How do we approach mission work in a context of hyper-individuality and globalization?
God's Global Mission in an Era of the Autonomous Self. I am intentionally using Taylor's word, secularity, as he is one of our partners in this conversation.
Why I'm Retiring Now
Extending CT’s reach for the next generation of Christian leaders.
What God has in store for Judy and me after CT is another conversation for another time team to generate both growing enthusiasm and financial support for CT Global—an overarching
Allegiance to Scripture, Respect for CultureSubscriber Access Only
Ajith Fernando lays out the essentials of cross-cultural discipleship.
Additionally, though, he shows how these dynamics are themselves expressed in Scripture—and how disciplers can frame their teaching and conversation in ways that affirm their
Why We Need a Church Planting Manifesto
The Send Institute has formulated a manifesto to serve as a rallying point for God’s church to effectively honor him in his kingdom advance.
statement that gave missiological voice to the shared priorities of those leading this conversation. humility– We want to align ourselves with, and learn from, the global Church and the
Asia Rising: The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus
China’s church raids drew headlines, but 26 countries—including India—treated Christians worse in 2018.
Asia Rising: The Top 50 Countries Where It's Hardest to Follow Jesus. Research.
Remembering Lamin Sanneh, the World’s Leading Expert on Christianity and Islam in Africa
Scholars explain how a convert “summoned from the margins” of The Gambia became a legend at Yale Divinity School for his curiosity, joy, and deep insights.
my latest book and an extended conversation with him in April as well as November where it was clear he still had a lot to contribute to the shaping of the field of global Christianity and
Mission Fields on the Move
The massive global migration we see today presents unparalleled opportunities for ministry.
The Global Conversation. The Conversation for May: The Issue / The Response / Video / Readers' Comments. print this article print. Mission Fields on the Move. by J. Samuel Escobar.
Get Close to Refugees, and Let Love Grow
Two new books consider the personal, practical, and theological sides of welcoming the stranger.
For leaders who want to facilitate a comprehensive conversation in their church about the risks and rewards of welcoming the stranger, Annan's book provides a strong place to start.
Reaching International Students in Our Own Backyards
An interview with key evangelical leaders.
And it's amazing to see that a typical North American Christian can have a global impact just At one point in the conversation the lead missionary looked at me and said, "Please, please
Women in Missions Leadership Walk a TightropeSubscriber Access Only
Researcher Mary Lederleitner explores the confusions and frustrations they face.
The complementarian-egalitarian framework isn't serving the global body of Christ well. we can talk together in this way.” Often, men think it is only a women's conversation, but without
One-on-One with Ann Voskamp on Going to Back to School at the Wheaton College Grad School
I recently talked with author and speaker Ann Voskamp about why she is part of a grad school cohort at Wheaton College.
text, and you find yourself in the front row seat of an exhilarating, awakening conversation that is formation, that has so impacted the church in North America and the global church, is
How Billy Graham Brokered World Peace Between Evangelism and Social Justice
The evangelist partnered with John Stott on the Lausanne Movement and helped revive the World Evangelical Alliance.
Reply on Twitter. Facebook Join the conversation on Facebook. May Support our work. Subscribe to CT and get one year free. Tags: Billy GrahamEvangelismGlobal ChurchLausanne
No Sign Language in the World Has Its Own Bible Translation
Deaf communities around the world are still waiting to experience God's Word in their first language. How much longer will it be?
A transcript of our conversation is also included at the end of this article. We invite everybody, deaf, hearing alike to join our global cause so that deaf people will have access and
Top Story April 23, 2019
Theology of the Future
Theology of the Future
Bible scholars, theologians, and philosophers used to work together. N.T. Wright believes they need to do so again.
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