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A Journey as Old as Humanity Itself
What’s behind our timeless fascination with religious pilgrimage?
Years ago, Thomas Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree contrasted two ways of being in the evolving Western world. One, epitomized by the “olive
Strength in Despair
Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle
How the Prophet Habakkuk Built an Anti-Fragile FaithSubscriber Access Only
Lessons on worshiping a consistently unpredictable God.
Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in
Australia Reflections, part 3: Ally, Australia, and the Unchurched
In part 3, I thought I'd pass on some research Olive Tree recently released on Australia. You trends. Some of the highlights from the Olive Tree research include:
Wednesday Link List: The Voice Bible, Shorter Sermons, and MoreSubscriber Access Only
Link like an Egyptian.
Christianese. HarperCollins Christian Publishing group will now include Olive Tree, a Bible software app that's probably on your phone right now. No
An Anointed Trend? Christian Women and Essential OilsSubscriber Access Only
Faithful users rediscover the ancient practice and the healing within God’s creation.
tree of life…,” said Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest in Nashville. She found 400-450 examples of ancient oils used for healing and anointing in Scripture, from the cinnamon-olive oil
Gentiles in the Hands of a Genocidal GodSubscriber Access Only
We're troubled by God's commands for Israel to wipe out entire peoples. Why we should be encouraged.
Only faith in Jesus Christ brings Gentiles into covenant with God, grafting them into the life of Israel like a wild olive shoot grafted into a well-cultivated olive tree (Rom. 11:24).
Our Desert WaysSubscriber Access Only
or two / I got the chords, if you got words, baby we can sing." So begins this gem of an album from Memphis-bred brothers Ben and Scott Cunningham, aka The Olive Tree, who invite
Australia Reflections, part 2
Another group, Olive Tree Media, recently shared some stats about why people in Australia don't attend church. I will go more in depth with that in my next post.
How to Treat a Rebellious IsraelSubscriber Access Only
Part two of a conversation between John Piper and Jews for Jesus head David Brickner.
Rather, corporate Israel will be saved in the end because she will be grafted back into the same covenant tree with all of us wild olive branches (Rom. 11:16–24).
Chasing MethuselahSubscriber Access Only
Exercise, technology, and diet help us live longer than ever. Should those who look to eternal life care?
genetic technologies, we may no longer need homespun remedies like port wine and olive oil. while Adam suffered no bodily corruption before the Fall, he could eat from the Tree of Life
On the Jesus TrailSubscriber Access Only
What we learned from Jews, Muslims, and Arab Christians as we traced the footsteps of Christ in Galilee.
vineyards and silvery olive groves added patches of color to the brown hills. But my blistered feet were aching for a rest, so I was glad when I saw a man picking dates from a tree in front
The Ultimate KibitzerSubscriber Access Only
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein wants Jews to trust evangelicals, and evangelicals to love Israel.
to the Gentiles. He was a way to be grafted onto the olive tree of Israel. But the Jewish covenant continues to be valid. The roots support the branch.".
Honest Prayer, Beautiful GraceSubscriber Access Only
The messianic and passionate U2 sounds like itself again
After reaching a certain lyrical and musical pinnacle with The Joshua Tree (1987), the band embarked on tour in 1997, the band toured with props such as a giant lemon and olive, a 100
Interview with a Pharisee—and a ChristianSubscriber Access Only
How two believers of two faiths talk to one another with conviction and civility.
covenant. Kendall: Romans says all Israel will be saved. The olive tree in Romans 11 means you, a natural Jew. But I reject replacement theology. Rosen
What God Hath Not JoinedSubscriber Access Only
Why marriage was designed for male and female.
Paul, Rogers claims, says that God himself acts "against nature" in "grafting" Gentiles into the olive tree, the people of God (Rom. 11). Similarly, Rogers
Sleepers AwakeSubscriber Access Only
Our hope for this issue and for God's people everywhere.
24:14), and that “Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of Gentiles has come in,” but that the “natural branches” will be grafted back into the olive tree, “And so
Super-Mega Weblog: Thousands of Articles, One StorySubscriber Access Only
Actually, there are dozens of interesting religion stories beyond the Pope Benedict and Islam conflict, including a worship ban in libraries, All Saints's ongoing fight with the IRS, Kerry's remarkable religion speech, and a fall TV preview.
Being nice will get us killed | Enough with the olive branches to the Islamofascists (Deroy Keep Christ out of the Christmas tree | A must-pass $500 billion defense budget should not be
Malaysia Bans Religious SpeechSubscriber Access Only
Plus: One killed in India church attack, stolen Jesus painting won't stop debate, news values on gender vs. race, and other stories from online sources around the world.
ought to believe (Editorial, The Roanoke Times, Va.); Church faces fine for tree removal | First Church members sue popular pastor, treasurer | New Mount Olive Baptist Church's Rev.
Megachurches on the DefensiveSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The real "Lucy," Australia's churches respond to rioting, keeping Benny Hinn out of Fiji, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Jerusalem patriarch prays barrier removed | The top Roman Catholic official in the Holy Land planted an olive tree Sunday on the planned route of Israel's separation barrier in a West
Top Story April 20, 2018
‘Little Girls Need Their Daddy’
‘Little Girls Need Their Daddy’
Billy Graham's children are thankful for their father; they just wish he'd been around more.
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