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One-On-One with Matt Mikalatos on Good News for a Change
If gospel really means “good news,” we shouldn’t be surprised that most people will be delighted to talk about it.
I told him, “Since Jesus died, the sheep don't have to die.” His response was, “Wow! It addresses the question, “How do we do more than present truth (which is great!) and help people
Responding to Moral Failure in Church Leaders
Christians and church leaders must listen, address real issues, take action, and bring judgment.
I was told, “You are afraid of your own sexuality!” I said, “Yes, I am terrified by it!” Then, I declared, “I will still be in ministry in 30 Let's seek to take appropriate actions to find the truth.
Good Friday, Billy Graham, and the Transcendent Gospel
The truth presented to us in scripture should tell us something about not only who we are but who our neighbors are: image bearers of the Father in heaven.
During the rallies, he told audiences, “Christianity is not a white man's religion.” Christ's gospel, he The truth presented to us in scripture should tell us something about not only who we
One-on-One with Lon Allison on Billy Graham and Cancer
Together we can reach the world.
The second great truth is his love for me and my family: “And I pray that you being rooted He always told leaders in any city he was going to preach in that 75% of the evangelism would
Assimilation & Our Churches: Do We Do It Well?
Collect, Connect, Convene
effectiveness and strategy. Truth be told, there is no one-size-fits-all plan for assimilation in every church. That said, let me share a few of my thoughts.
Walking in Obedience to the Promptings of God’s Spirit and His Command to Love: Lessons from Burning Man
Many of the people at Burning Man are searching for something to satisfy them spiritually
As I told him about King David, Jason explained that he had been in church as a kid But the truth is that people are often open to experiencing the love and encouragement of God in
A Preacher, a Businessman, and Their ‘Crusade of Mercy’
How American evangelicals became major players in the work of global charity.
either, having exchanged letters on occasion. Truth be told, there was little chance I could have located Honduras on a map. All I knew was that my pen
Cover Story: Out of the Flood
Three teens survived a rising river at a Bible camp in Comfort, Texas. Would their faith?
But he doesn't remember who told him that his girlfriend, Leslie Gossett, didn't apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, gently reminds us of the basic Christian truth that goes
Isaac Backus: An 18th-Century Evangelical with 21st-Century WisdomSubscriber Access Only
On questions of race, religious liberty, and political power, the Baptist preacher should be our guiding light.
An African American pastor told me recently, “Every time I hear my white brothers quote Jonathan In Backus's career, the hardest people to convince of this truth were fellow Christians.
Want to Share the Gospel Effectively? Always Ask About the TattooSubscriber Access Only
The simplest questions can open the door to amazing conversations.
Rather than preparing for arguments, we can be loving friends who speak biblical truth once we have of your tattoo?” He replied, “It stands for Never Leave My Brother.” I told him that
Richard Stearns: “Every Day Is a Celebration”Subscriber Access Only
After 20 years of tackling the “hole in our gospel,” World Vision's most recent president is fine retiring from World Vision with some tasks unfinished.
prophetic voice in the Old Testament was always used to bring people back to the plumb line of God's truth and God's The woman told me, “For us as followers of Christ, this is our cross.
Bill Hybels Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders
John and Nancy Ortberg, others confront megachurch with its own #MeToo moment. “The charges against me are false,” says Hybels of former friends’ “collusion.”
“It's absolutely not the case,” John Ortberg told the Tribune. “This situation. To say I was motivated to find a problem couldn't be further from the truth.”.
20 Truths from "Sing!"
When we sing we witness to the people in our church who are yet to believe
It is exhilarating to be part of a body of believers breathing Truth together, harmonizing (however imperfectly We have been told the greatest story and been given the ability to retell it—to
Michael Flynn Isn’t the Only Guilty One
Michael Flynn, fake news, and an opportunity to ask why Christians are often the target audience.
Mike Flynn just told you this is not fake news. The contrast of Project Veritas (which means truth, by the way) against the thorough reporting by the Washington Post in this case is telling.
Jane the Uber Driver, and How God Uses Ordinary Events for Extraordinary Purposes
I recently had a good conversation with an Uber driver who is using her platform to share Jesus with others.
Donna looked at me and smiled, so I told her that we were already Chrisitans. respond with, "Wow, where did you hear that from?" “Well, that's in God's word and God's word is truth,” I'll
How Pastors Can Reclaim the Role of Spiritual Parent
I don’t wear a collar, but "Father" is still the best description of my calling.
I remember receiving a phone call late one evening and being told that a friend and father In those moments, the façade of Sunday morning disappears and the truth of our humanity is
Church Renovation Blind Spots
Why we sometimes miss obvious problems with our facilities.
Both positions reflect some truth. When I told my wife that comment, she was stunned and countered, "Well, not our home." Today we laugh recalling this event.
No, Christians Don’t See the Eclipse as a Sign of an Immediate Apocalypse (Except for a Few Odd Ones)
You will know when the end comes.
to look for that would alert us to the fact that His coming is near,” he told the Christian events are a proof the world will end in that moment distracts people from the simple truth that they
Hiding the Full Truth from Kids Is Often Healthy
As our children come of age, how do we talk about the brutal realities of a broken world?
As our kids grow older, we aren't contradicting what we've told them in the past drama, we need parents and teachers who can, over time, gently guide kids from simple to complex truth.
Billy Graham Is in Heaven. His Funeral Guests Got a Glimpse of It.
(UPDATED) A first-hand report from the evangelist’s “last crusade,” which he planned years before his death last week at 99.
in Christianity as the only way and truth, and in the existence of both heaven and hell. “When I think of him, I think of John 3:16,” Nick Hall, an evangelist mentored by Graham, told CT.
Top Story June 23, 2018
Embracing Our Transgender Neighbors on God’s Terms
Embracing Our Transgender Neighbors on God’s Terms
We should seek their well-being—but also prepare for strong disagreement on what that entails.
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