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Why Lay People Can (and Should) Plant Churches
We should remember that it is God (not boards or faculties) who raises up leaders.
raise up church planters from outside of educational institutions. Now, to save some time in the twitter conversation that always follows these articles:
What to Give Up for Lent 2018? Consider Twitter’s Top 100 Ideas
(UPDATED) On the first VaLENTine's Day since WWII, it appears chocolate and alcohol will be absent from many dates.
What to Give Up for Lent 2018? Consider Twitter's Top 100 Ideas. 1 of 4. Research. What to Give Up for Lent 2018? Consider Twitter's Top 100 Ideas.
One-on-One with Brian Stiller on the World Evangelical Alliance
Ed Stetzer talks with Brian Stiller about World Evangelical Alliance important happenings.
You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and at our sign-up form. Connect on Twitter with @WEARLC1 for regular updates on needs of persecuted Christians globally.
Trump’s Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood Cheers Pro-Life Advocates
Administration prepares to propose Title X funding cuts for abortion providers.
approved option. Twitter Reply on Twitter. Facebook Join the conversation on Facebook. June Support our work. Subscribe to CT and get one year free. Tags
Pence Meets Indonesia’s Top Muslim Leader After Church Attacks
The US supports major Sunni group’s efforts to fight radicalization.
Pence Meets Indonesia's Top Muslim Leader After Church Attacks. International.
J. D. Greear Transformed His Church Through Missions. Can He Do the Same for the Southern Baptist Convention? Subscriber Access Only
The 45-year-old pastor and SBC presidential candidate wants to unite and rejuvenate the denomination by prioritizing evangelism.
who know him best. A @fakeJDGreear account on Twitter has drawn in 17,000 followers by posting one-liners and memes in his style. Even the pastor's
We Are the Light of the (Cyber) World: Let’s Act Like It
Do justly, love mercy, walk
Jan 9, 2018. social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, cyberspace. We Are the Light of the (Cyber) World: Let's Act Like It. We Are the Light of the (Cyber) World: Let's Act Like It.
Our June Issue: Modern ManhoodSubscriber Access Only
Navigating men’s ministry in uncertain times.
callings and meet the unique needs of both genders. Andy Olsen is Managing Editor of Christianity Today magazine. Follow him on Twitter @AndyROlsen.
Why Happy Christian Moms Still Feel Guilty
Pew Research found that evangelical mothers score high for balance and satisfaction in parenting. So why do they keep facing so much pressure?
to Christ. The other moms in my church showed me they didn't have their mess together and that it's okay not to,” said Renee Bates on Twitter. “That's
Your Best Years Are Not Behind You
God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones.
God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones.
A Letter to the Church from R.C. Sproul (1939-2017), His Theology, and His Work in the Gospel
A faithful servant has entered into the joy of his master.
seminary.'”. And Twitter is alight with praises and thanks for his life and ministry. Ronnie Martin, pastor of Substance Church in Ohio, explained Sproul this way:
Indonesian Churches Blasted by Family of Suicide Bombers
Christians outraged at “heinous and gory” terrorist attacks that killed and injured dozens of worshipers Sunday morning.
Indonesian Churches Blasted by Family of Suicide Bombers. International.
How to Be Busy but in Balance
Work is good; too much good can be bad.
Better spend more hours in the office. Still don't have a perfect physique? Hit up the gym. Only 300 followers on Twitter? Better make more friends, and fast.
What to Give Up for Lent 2017? Consider Twitter’s Top Ideas
(UPDATED) Trump ranks between Facebook and hope in analysis of 73,000 tweets.
What to Give Up for Lent 2017? Consider Twitter's Top Ideas. 1 of 3. Research. What to Give Up for Lent 2017? Consider Twitter's Top Ideas.
Six Degrees of Separation: Why Our Witness Matters
Our lives reach farther than we can imagine.
since then! Sysomos, a firm monitoring social media, reported in 2010 that the average relational distance on Twitter is 4.67 degrees of separation. Our
Lord, Have Mercy on 67% of Us
A Lenten research roundup of what Americans think of sin.
19%). Twitter users aren't giving up any of those sins for Lent this year, according to the Twitter Lent Tracker. Social networking topped the list, followed
No, Christians Don’t See the Eclipse as a Sign of an Immediate Apocalypse (Except for a Few Odd Ones)
You will know when the end comes.
The media often attempts to find fringe people that claim to be Christian, but often have little more platform than a badly-arranged blog and a few Twitter followers to 'represent
I Discipled a Murderer
When people don't change, are our efforts in vain?
her time visiting prisons, homeless shelters, hospitals, and nursing homes sharing the love of Jesus. You can follow her on Twitter @CarmilleAkande.
Divorce After Abuse: How Paige Patterson’s Counsel Compares to Other Pastors
After audio of old comments circulates on social media, Southern Baptist leader clarifies his pastoral approach to domestic violence.
Among Patterson's remarks being shared on Twitter is an audio clip said to be from a conference in 2000, where he was asked about cases where a woman is being asked to submit to
Study: Clinton Voters Much More Likely to Leave Evangelicalism than Trump Voters
How political divides impact religious affiliation and attendance.
here). Further information about his work can be found at his website and on Twitter. Illinois. He can be contacted via Twitter or his personal website.
Top Story May 20, 2018
How the Spirit Sets Us Up for Holiness
How the Spirit Sets Us Up for Holiness
The same Spirit that descended on the disciples at Pentecost empowers our devotion to God.
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