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The Katrina QuandarySubscriber Access Only
America questions the role of Christian charity.
This column appeared in the magazine's November 2005 print issue as the eighth entry of "Weblog in Print," CT's effort to duplicate on paper our popular online Weblog feature.
Bible Is Getting Even Friendlier to ProgrammersSubscriber Access Only
The English Standard Version will become the first Bible to allow web programmers to innovate new applications with its text
the ESV in September 2001, the publisher included a CD-ROM of the text with every print Bible. In a weblog entry on his site, Peters suggested that Scripture can be used in text bubbles
World Publisher Apologizes for 'Clumsy' EditorialSubscriber Access Only
"More on the World Trade Center crosses, every publication in the world notices America's spiritual boom, and other stories on the 9/11 fallout."
Finally, cross photos Nearly two weeks ago, Weblog noted Rod Dreher's New York Post column on the crosses of the World Trade Center In print, the paper runs a 8.5"x6" photo.
Anglican Report Treats Conservatives Harsher than LiberalsSubscriber Access Only
News, predictions that commission would sanction Episcopal Church were greatly exaggerated.
And, as Weblog will note below, conservatives take bigger lumps than liberals in this report. And as for the call for resignations, it's important to read the fine print.
Peace, PeaceSubscriber Access Only
From the front page to the obits, one day's news about Christian peacemaking.
This column appeared in the magazine's May 2006 print issue as the twelfth entry of "Weblog in Print," CT's effort to duplicate on paper our popular online Weblog feature.
Weblog (Second Helping): Revenge of the God BillboardsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Britain discusses euthanasia while the Netherlands euthanizes babies, and other stories from online sources around the world.
marketing trail blazed by 'Passion' | when major movie companies build their national print campaign for a Suggest links and stories by sending e-mail to
Weblog Bonus: Three Dozen Editorials on Intelligent Design, But Only One OpinionSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Tex. District approves Bible curriculum, the last of the 2005 Christmas wars, and many other stories from online sources around the world.
Weblog will be on vacation next week, and is highly unlikely to post anything before January 3 state | Ralph Reed 's longtime spokeswoman, Lisa Baron is popping up in print these days
Disappointed but HoldingSubscriber Access Only
While overall support for George W. Bush has plummeted, evangelicals remain surprisingly loyal.
expanding. (Jan. 6, 2006). Weblog In Print Time to Get Judicially Serious | Evangelicals and the possible Supreme Court Catholic majority. (Dec. 28, 2005). You
Asylum vs. AssistanceSubscriber Access Only
Offering sanctuary isn't about political protest.
the October 2006 print edition of Christianity Today. The column "Tidings" was formerly called "Weblog in Print." Earlier columns by Ted Olsen include:
Blogging for JesusSubscriber Access Only A virtual goes to print.
Blogging for Jesus. A virtual goes to print. He found the perfect venue in a weblog he created anonymously at
Left Behind: Raptured Believers and Enraptured ReadersSubscriber Access Only
The nearly two million print-run sold out before the book even went on sale prompting news coverage. Weblog: Time's Up? | Have You Heard About the Left Behind Book Series?
Holy Weeklies After The PassionSubscriber Access Only
Time does the atonement, Newsweek looks at pastors' porn, and The New Yorker breaks the bone box.
Weblog can't do much more than encourage people to read this story, which reveals a thorough knowledge of the subject. (IVP let the book go out of print, and it's now published by
Grave ImagesSubscriber Access Only
The photos from Abu Ghraib have reopened debate on the power of pictures.
This column appeared in the magazine's July print issue as the third entry of "Weblog in Print," CT's effort to duplicate on paper our popular online Weblog feature.
Former DeLay Aide: 'Wacko' Christians Will Believe AnythingSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Baylor's new president, comparing pastors to the KKK, and other stories from online stories around the world.
Weblog doesn't know much about him, but it's worth noting that Hunter Baker, who has written on Baylor She speaks for God, but we can't print it | The plan was to walk right up to the
Soviets Schism and SabotageSubscriber Access Only
How the government manipulated division in the Russian Orthodox Church.
You may also wish to subscribe to the illustrated quarterly print magazine.Information for Council of Bishops meeting, see Wednesday's Weblog.Christian History
One Nation Under SecularismSubscriber Access Only
France's peculiar aversion to public religiosity is rooted in a sordid history of sectarian violence.
Subscriptions to the quarterly print magazine are also available. Copyright © 2004 Christianity Today. Click for reprint information. Related Elsewhere: Weblog recently commented on
Is Dead?Subscriber Access Only
Investors lost faith in, was extinguished, and Crosswalk is being run over. What happened to the for-profit Christian Web site boom?
He says that thinking of the Internet as a "discrete business," on the order of print publishing or brick-and The Christianity Today Weblog has been covering the dot-com bust for a while.
'If Evangelicals Elected a Pope … 'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Another Dutch evil, banning the Declaration of Independence, gay Methodist trial, Rowan Williams's warnings, and more than 370 other stories from online sources around the world.
Weblog has finally gone through everything that was published over the American Thanksgiving Bernardine of Siena is earliest known print depicting subject exactly as he appeared
Tens of Thousands of Indonesian Christians Flee Homes as Muslims AttackSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Burying the cloning ban in a big hole, rescuing the Burnhams, criticizing modern missions, and other stories.
(The most strident criticisms can be found in out-of-print books such as David Stoll's Fishers Click for reprint information. Related Elsewhere. See our past Weblog updates: December 3.
Stone Tablet Confirms Solomon's Temple, Biblical NarrativeSubscriber Access Only
Ashcroft goes to bat for faith-based initiative, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Christians in International Falls are being shortchanged in the local print media.". Earlier: Weblog: We Support Suicide Bombing, Says Greek Orthodox 'Spokesman' (June 21, 2002);
Top Story April 21, 2019
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
According to the gospel of John, the cross casts us into community.
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