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Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Gospel of Shame-Free Sexuality
We can't defeat shame by whittling down God's law to fit our behavior. We need the good news of God's forgiveness instead.
Weber, the now-famous foul-mouthed, tattoo-festooned recovering alcoholic and former stand-up comic But to hear someone say to a largely secular audience that we need to confess
Can Restoring the Jordan River Build Peace in the Holy Land?Subscriber Access Only
Christians explore how ecological work can support the gospel mission.
“You think we should have been the It is an exercise in cognitive dissonance to stand on this river's polluted shores and believe that it is the Jordan referenced 186 times in Scripture.
Curiosity Propels My Toddler to Learn. Will Computers Ever Compare?
How our relationship to God makes us unique from our robot imitators.
He is my son. In him I am well pleased. We stand in the same unique relation to God. We are his children whether or not we're the smartest on the block—or the universe.
Your Plan B Is Still God’s Plan A
What a failed church plant taught me about divine purpose and provision.
We see this in the lives of Job, Ruth, Jonah, and Peter. Job held on to the peace that surpasses all understanding: “I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the
A Voice in the Crowd
What’s good and what’s bad about unpopular opinions.
values,” even if they're only beliefs about which artworks are great enough to stand the test visceral disgust (ie, “Dr. Pimple Popper”) can work to lower those high standards we still have
Unwrapping the Gift of Reconciliation this Christmas
Like Christmas itself, we can become nostalgic about reconciliation rather than embrace the messy grace and humility that it requires.
In the same way that God stands at the ready to welcome more sons and daughters home by receiving Jesus as their King, we are to stand at the ready for reconciliation between our
All Faith Groups, Evangelicals Included, Need to Reflect on #MeToo
We are going to hear the voice of survivors, trauma counselors, and Christian leaders who will call evangelicals to a better way.
We are called to suffer with, fight for, and stand among those who have experienced sexual abuse and violence of any kind— childen and adults. May we do no other.
What Is Biblical Preaching?: Multiethnic Culture and Preaching
Apostle Paul was able to gather multiethnic audiences because he knew how the various people who gathered would hear what was being said.
When a Ferguson happens, as a black preacher I know how many blacks feel, for we are a people who stand in solidarity with one another, tied with the chord of blackness and
Russell Moore: Putting the Family First Puts the Church at Odds with Jesus
He came to divide sons from their fathers and daughters from their mothers—not to promote “family values.”
20:31). Most of us do not have literal monarchies to protect, but family can stand in for whatever idol we seek to guard— be it economic security or reputational acclaim.
Christmas Is Really Act 2
Can’t get enough of Christmas? You’ll love the prequels and sequels.
A dramatic middle chapter. Once we are aware of the prequel, it becomes clear that Christmas is not a stand-alone story about the birth of a beautiful child under trying circumstances.
Hard Conversations in Evangelicalism: Abuse, Harassment, and Sexual Violence in the Church
Thoughts on sexual violence, our lack of response, and how to get things right.
And so we stand nose-to-nose with this evil and say, “No more.”. We hope you will join us. Join us on December 13 either in person or via livestream.
Reflecting on Heroes after the GC2 Summit Concludes: It's Only the Beginning
We have a long way to go, but many heroes are among us.
would not let me have her stand and be recognized, but the summit was her idea, and she made it happen. You may know that this was not a long-planned event. We announced the
Heartbeat Bills Used to Divide Pro-Lifers. Here’s Why That’s Changing.Subscriber Access Only
Even the “most restrictive” abortion laws—like one vetoed this week in Ohio—may now have a place in incrementalist strategy.
Even the “most restrictive” abortion laws—like one vetoed this week in Ohio—may now have a place in incrementalist strategy.
Mary, Mary, Not Quite So Contrary
Finding common ground so that the Virgin Mary becomes less of a battleground.
We will be sinless. We will be justified, sanctified, and glorified. So she doesn't presently stand out from the “cloud of witnesses” as disproportionately as Mary Z's fans suppose.
Should Christians Quote Muhammad?Subscriber Access Only
Asia Bibi’s acquittal may model how to persuade Muslims of religious freedom.
We are the 'people of the book' who are to stand upon the scriptures that we possess,” Shenk said, using the title the Qur'an gives to Christians and Jews.
After Major Investigation, Southern Baptists Confront the Abuse Crisis They Knew Was Coming
The Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News collect 380 allegations spanning 20 states in an unprecedented look at sexual misconduct across the denomination.
The Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News collect 380 allegations spanning 20 states in an unprecedented look at sexual misconduct across the denomination.
What Is Biblical Preaching?: The Demonstration of the Spirit’s Power in Preaching
When the Spirit moves during a sermon, what does it look like?
Today, we welcome Samuel Rodriquez. The Apostle Paul made a statement that should resonate in the mind of every preacher with the courage to stand behind a pulpit and declare
God's Generous Return Policy
We are obsessed with making progress, but the Bible reminds us it is often important to go back.
Returning Today. The possibility of returning is the glorious news of Christian theology. The implications are manifold, but three stand out. First, we can return to God.
Fleming Rutledge: John the Baptist Points to the Real Hope of AdventSubscriber Access Only
We’re not awaiting a helpless baby, but a righteous and powerful judge.
By the grace of God alone, all Christian preachers stand in the line of this strange, unattractive man. During the Advent season, we shine a spotlight on his preaching.
The Gift of Seeing
To see the potential and dignity in every person is a gift we must receive and then cultivate. 
It was their sense of “goodness” that made them blind to each person as an image-bearer, causing them to stand in opposition to the very mission We see what may be hidden to others.
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Muslims (and other minorities) shouldn’t have to elevate national ideals above faith commitments before gaining a seat at the table of citizenship.
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