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One-on-One with Adam Mabry on ‘The Art of Rest’
Rest or Ruined: A conversation with a serial achiever on the importance of rest.
Just as we might stand back to look at a well-mowed yard, a nicely-set table, or any job well done. This set a pattern for the way humans were to live as his image-bearers.
Political Campaigning and the Great Commission: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other
Toward a Better Polity: Reflections of Pence, Politics, and the SBC
of the things he mentioned, such as Pence's (and the administration's) pro-life stand, the important to Southern Baptists to thank them for their moral clarity, though we should admit it
Loving Our Neighbors Knows No Borders—Even Political Ones
Along the way, we may be able to show people Jesus.
Where We Stand. Furthermore, we believe that a zero-tolerance policy on any issue is not likely to produce justice; rather it will only exacerbate injustice.
Religious Liberty Takes the Cake: Supreme Court Speaks up for Religious Liberty, But Where Were Many Fellow Christians?
Supreme Court rules 7-2 in favor of Jack Phillips, doing the right thing. But there is more work to do.
stand for those who dissent? The Supreme Court decision today is perhaps a prophetic reminder to some Christians who might say, "Just bake the cake.” However, I believe that we
It’s Not My Daughter’s Job to Teach Me About Women
I’m learning how to rightly respect the opposite sex, not because I had a child but because of ongoing encounters with Christ.
We need a robust conception of sin to show us our capacity for evil. have helped deepen my understanding of what it means to love my sisters as God loves them: to stand up against
Celebrating David Hesselgrave (1924-2018), Missiologist and Professor
David Hesselgrave is considered the founding dean of modern evangelical missiology.
When we worked on Mission Shift, he modeled to me what it looked like to stand against the growing Evangelical consensus that mission would also include, even equally prioritize
Three Ways to Successfully Navigate Failure in Evangelism
Learning how to navigate through failure is a crucial element of success.
Second, stand on the truth of Scripture to overcome past failure. Evangelism involves spiritual warfare. As we share the gospel, we are communicating truth that has the power to set
Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming Misconceptions, and Answering the Call (Part 2)
In reality, rural America is in a perilous position — perhaps in greater danger of decay and decline than many cities.
As the challenges mount and people start going into these areas, we cannot just stand back and encourage the work with distant shouts. We must strategically
This Week, Speak the Name of Andrew Brunson, A Persecuted Brother in Turkey
Please join us in standing with Brunson’s family and home church in lifting the name of Andrew Brunson to the God he serves.
We want to send the message that although powers beyond his control hold him hostage thousands upon thousands of Christan brothers and sisters around the world stand with him in
Five Decisions that Helped Turn Around My Small Town Church
I believe your small town church can grow; I believe this because I’m living it.
We went from preaching mostly stand-alone messages to preaching sermon series. This created more interest because people knew what was coming up.
Memorial Day: For What Shall We Live?
Whether we wear a uniform or not, we all have sacrificial service to offer.
demonstrate. There may well come times when our government takes a path we cannot in good conscience follow, and we must stand where God stands. But
One-on-One with Brian Stiller on “From Jerusalem to Timbuktu”
The gospel springs into life and people are transformed.
same since. Ed: Does one person or movement stand out for you? Brian dramatically moved. We know that the church began in Jerusalem in AD33. As
Entertaining More Than Angels
Showing hospitality to strangers is an important biblical value. What about showing hospitality to God?
If we theologize the Odyssey in broad strokes with some imagination, then Odysseus' homecoming can be seen as a literary theoxeny. Odysseus is a stand-in for a god.
Women Are the Talk of 2018’s Southern Baptist Annual Meeting
Both officially and unofficially, leaders of America’s largest Protestant denomination turn their attention to better responses to sexism and abuse.
We call upon pastors, ministry leaders, entity leaders, and denominational representatives to Within the convention hall in Dallas, Southern Baptists stand by their complementarian
The Case for Electing Beth Moore as President of the Southern Baptist Convention
Despite two strong candidates, if ever there were a time for a woman at the helm of the SBC, it’d be now.
noble act, in standing down, so that unity and the election of Steve Gaines would stand up, was so As many have noted, we will be in good hands as a convention with either Greear or
Preaching Redemption Amidst Racism: Remembering Billy Graham
Carl Ellis, Jr. reflects on the impact of Rev. Billy Graham on race relations and culture today.
I am deeply grateful to you for the stand which you have taken in the area of race give you an opportunity in the area of human rights above almost any other person that we can point to.
Changing Direction – Reflections on the Chicago River at St. Patrick’s Day
When we follow Jesus, we do what the Chicago River did in 1900: we change direction.
Instead, we are called to be the water of life, streaming through our city, reversing the flow, and leaving behind cleansed hearts and lives. As I stand at the river's edge this St.
Trump Reveals White House Faith Initiative on National Day of Prayer
Annual observance concludes with Southern Baptist leader Ronnie Floyd interviewing Frank and Sherri Pomeroy from First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.
Oh God, we stand together upon Your words in Psalm 133:1, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony.” Through Jesus' name and by the Holy Spirit's power
Paige Patterson and Doing the Right Thing for the SBC, Again
My heartfelt plea for the future reputation, and mission, of Southern Baptists.
Unspoken policies have their limits. When people are actually asking where we stand on abuse, we have to look in the mirror and wonder how long we hold our tongues.
US Officials Stand With Pastor at Turkish Terrorism Trial
Andrew Brunson tells the court, “I have been praying for Turkey for 25 years. I wouldn’t do anything against Turkey.”
Andrew Brunson tells the court, “I have been praying for Turkey for 25 years. I wouldn't do anything against Turkey.”.
Top Story June 23, 2018
Embracing Our Transgender Neighbors on God’s Terms
Embracing Our Transgender Neighbors on God’s Terms
We should seek their well-being—but also prepare for strong disagreement on what that entails.
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