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Don’t Despise Small Town Living: Jesus Didn’t
Capernaum was home to about 1,500 people.
If you want to be a world changer, here's some strategies to start changing your world: Born and raised in northeastern Colorado, Tyson was wired for rural ministry from the beginning.
Theology for Life (Ep. 7): A Discussion on Judaism, the Ancient World, and Grace
For by grace you have been saved through faith.
Ed discussed why he believes all people are wired towards a works-based righteousness that will please Lynn says would have been very dangerous to say in the Ancient World, as it
Why Each Day Matters: What Emerson and Mister Rogers Have Taught Me About Life & Gospel Opportunities
How are we using our days to point people to Jesus?
has been (and continues to be) sifted like wheat through trials and pain is a gift to the world. pretenses each day and get to the heart of who others are and how God has wired them, we
NORP Think and the U.S. Criminal Justice System
NORP = Normal Ordinary Responsible Person
to only about 1/20 of the world's population, we house almost 1/4 of the world's prisoners. For example, a woman was offered a lighter sentence if she would be wired and placed in a
Why the Modern World Is Making Us MiserableSubscriber Access Only
Mark Sayers asks us to look to the Bible’s steadying influence in an era of cultural turmoil.
But humans—religiously wired, born for struggle, marked by the Fall—find ways to upend peace. The chaos and shock of the last couple of years is not the world going mad, but the
Challenges to Becoming a Multicultural Church
Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America.
So, as we realize how people are wired, it becomes important for us to not create an overwhelm the mission of the Church, which is to be God's reconciling agent in a fallen world.
Why I’m Happy My Son Married at 20
In a world of hookups and cohabitation, he took a leap—and made an act—of faith.
Opinion | Family. Why I'm Happy My Son Married at 20. In a world of hookups and cohabitation, he took a leap—and made an act—of faith. As parents, we are hard-wired against risk.
You Have God's Blessing to Say 'God Bless America'Subscriber Access Only
Why a faith that transcends all nations leaves room for patriotic devotion.
lament, with inward groans and outward cries, all the brokenness afflicting “the whole world—and everyone And frankly, maybe you just aren't wired to tear up when the national anthem
Does Your Church Have the Right Model?
How to decide.
a church rooted in Scripture, orthodoxy, and tradition, but fluent in the language and culture of the world today so we know when we're out of bounds.” I wouldn't want that; I'm wired as an
Which Came First, Christmas or Consumerism?
Judith Flanders teases out the surprising mix of religious and secular elements in many beloved holiday customs.
author and historian of the Victorian era, has turned her scholarly attention to the world's most beloved Each candle had to be wired or tied to a branch and then closely monitored as it
Parenting in a Porn-Saturated World
It’s addictive, has devastating consequences, and nearly all of our kids will be exposed to it. What can we do?
re watching may explain the rise of child-on-child sexual abuse cases that some believe are increasing throughout the US “Kids are wired to imitate It's a dark world—nothing like it looks
Your Childhood Wounds May Be Hurting Your Marriage
Lessons from attachment theory on building secure and trusting intimacy.
new experiences into models that affirm our connections with others, we step into a new world. As we accept the reality that we are wired for intimate connection, come to understand
Matt Chandler Never Wanted a Big Church. How He Ended Up With Six.Subscriber Access Only
Over the next five years, each Dallas-area location gets a Village of its own.
The other thing I would say is that the way we wired multisites was that all of our campus pastors, they hard for offices in Dallas and a staff in Dallas to help the rest of the world know how
Kepler Pursued God. He Found Him in Pomegranates.
How the ordered nature of the fruit found its way into modern computing.
Is there a longing for knowledge somehow hard-wired into us From all nations people came to listen to Solomon's wisdom, sent by all the kings of the world, who had heard of his wisdom
A Well-Designed Journal Can Change Your Life
Mica May hopes her products make us more joyful, more inspired, and more grateful.
“Like so many others in today's overly wired society, [students As the world's interactions increasingly move digital, a wave of educators and entrepreneurs challenge us to not miss the
The Wonderless World of DismalandSubscriber Access Only
How Banksy’s bemusement park challenges our hope.
We are wired for art, symbol, and narrative. indeed, a grave deception—for us to entertain exclusively the art of the creation phase when it is so clear that the Fall has infected our world.
Can a Failed Church Planter Plant Again?
Is church planter reassessment necessary after failure?
In other words, sometimes you can't plant a church where you are because of how you're wired. Your wiring doesn't line up with the context. By the world's standards, they were failing.
The Christian Case for Not Giving Up on the World's Most Fragile StateSubscriber Access Only
Why World Vision and local Christian leaders remain hopeful about South Sudan.
Ahead of him are two sets of gates, barb-wired and guarded. Along with UN soldiers from Nepal, Stearns observes Day 3 of World Vision's 4-day food distribution, where 21,000 people
The Universal Call to ‘Mothering Like Christ’Subscriber Access Only
Childbirth illustrates the life-giving sacrifice of body, mind, and soul that applies to us all.
from wombs and breasts to a leg up on language proficiency and brains hard-wired for relationship. a view to God's broader invitation to serve, sacrifice, and bring life to the dying world.
Lent, Unplugged
In a time of digital consumption, here’s how the church can lead the way on healthy media fasting.
Christina Crook is the award-winning author of The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World and current writer-in- residence with the Henri Nouwen Society.
Top Story May 24, 2018
Paige Patterson Out After Southwestern Trustees Vote
Paige Patterson Out After Southwestern Trustees Vote
Decision follows Southern Baptist leader’s apology to women for past comments.
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