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One-on-One with Adam Mabry on ‘The Art of Rest’
Rest or Ruined: A conversation with a serial achiever on the importance of rest.
Throughout church history, regular rest has been an important part of our witness to a watching world that we're in this world, but we're not going to worship the false gods of this world
What Are Christian Apologetics, and How Do They Relate to the Gospel Anyways?
The greatest apologetic for faith is embedded in the gospel message itself.
prophecies, the archeological data, the evidence for miracles, the dramatic nature of changed lives (people hostile to the faith actually becoming believers and bearing witness to the
Does Evangelism Jeopardize Authentic Artistic Expression?Subscriber Access Only
What an Old Testament artist tells us about aesthetic vocation.
top. Hanging on the wall in my parents' living room as it has for decades now, it acts as a witness to and a reminder of our shared time as a family. Whenever
Multiple Faces of India
If religious nationalism is at the heart of India’s social and political uprising, what then is core to the spiritual renewals taking place in so many places and among so many peoples?
These Hindu nationalists view attacks against other faiths as their way to protect themselves from what they consider outside invaders, even though Christian witness has been
Celebrating David Hesselgrave (1924-2018), Missiologist and Professor
David Hesselgrave is considered the founding dean of modern evangelical missiology.
I offer my thanks to God for David's life and witness, which I first experienced as he mentored me while I served as his teaching assistant and, later, as his friend and colleague.
20 Truths from Faith Among the Faithless
The life the Bible offers is not one that is safe from the tragedies of the world, but one in which God suffers with us and accompanies us through our hardships.
of faith in public. But if history teaches anything, these compromises always end in weakening the church's prophetic witness. (pg. 39). 5. Rather than
The Gospel in Major City Centers
What does it look like for church leaders in Chicagoland and other large cities to actually seek the peace and prosperity of the city?
It is a great witness to our hurting cities when we as followers of Jesus unite in prayer and gospel sharing initiatives—seeking to transform the city to be ever more prosperous, healthy
It's Time to End the Stupid about the End Times: Debunking Christian Numerology
Self-proclaimed Christian numerologist David Meade is at it again.
It's time to end the stupid about the end times. Our gospel witness. When we bear false witness, we establish a reputation for blindly succumbing to unverifiable or groundless stories.
Announcing the New Wheaton College School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership, and Lots More on What's Going on at Wheaton's Billy Graham Center
There is a place for you in what God is doing at Wheaton College and the Billy Graham Center.
We've built out our platform of evangelism resources to include evangelism toolkits like Our Gospel Story to build up all Christ-followers in their personal witness.
God in Suffering: Our Response to Too Many School Shootings
God hasn't left our students or abandoned our nation's education system
I'm not allowed in schools. -God”. Our Electronic Witness. Our words—particularly, those we air in the presence of large online audiences—have implications on our Christian witness.
The Critical Role of Name-Calling in Our Witness: You Are ‘Beloved’
Perfectionism is just chronic insecurity in disguise.
insecurity. The Critical Role of Name-Calling in Our Witness: You Are 'Beloved'. The Critical Role of Name-Calling in Our Witness: You Are 'Beloved'. Perfectionism
Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming Misconceptions, and Answering the Call (Part 1)
To paint any people with a broad brush is not to see them for who they truly are.
In some rural counties, these ethnic populations are considerably higher than their overall national average, bearing witness to the increasing need for a different view of rural
One-on-One with Brian Stiller on “From Jerusalem to Timbuktu”
The gospel springs into life and people are transformed.
My curious nature led me down paths of surprises. Ed: What surprised you most in your research? Brian: The biggest one was the contemporary role of the Spirit in witness and ministry.
20 Truths on The Human Right by Rice Broocks
God's Sovereignty, Justice, and Truth.
God. 8. A test for eye-witness truth is coherence, consistency, and relevance. Some sense. But eye-witness truth can't be put to the physical test. Suppose
One-on-One with Brian Stiller on the World Evangelical Alliance
Ed Stetzer talks with Brian Stiller about World Evangelical Alliance important happenings.
While numbers keep growing, the real stories are about how the transformative presence of the Christ is bringing healing and witness in the most surprising places and ways.
Faith in Russia: What Does It Mean?
Many Russians, be they Orthodox or Evangelical, will understandably view their homeland with affection, loyalty, and patriotism.
However, even with this remarkable percentage of self-confessed Christians, Russia is dynamically secular, with a definite separation of Christian witness from its civil life, apart from
Building Bridges of Witness in Turkey
To be Turkish is to be Muslim.
Building Bridges of Witness in Turkey. Building Bridges of Witness in Turkey. And that's why I'm here—to again visit those whose lives are close to the center of Christian witness.
One-on-One with Lon Allison on Billy Graham and Cancer
Together we can reach the world.
Ed: Graham was such a gifted evangelist. Sometimes we don't think our own testimony and witness is as important since we aren't leading thousands to Christ.
One-on-One with Michael Moynagh on “Church in Life”
Finding simple ways to follow Jesus alongside other Christians.
attend church. And it is not always easy to be a Christian witness on your own. A large company made a substantial number of people redundant. A group
Engaging Culture Well: How to Share Your Faith Critically and Contextually Today
How to speak truth and trust God to change hearts and minds.
preacher' mode. An attitude of superiority and condescension quickly cloud our witness and prevent others from receiving our message. Sometimes, though
Top Story June 25, 2018
Embracing Our Transgender Neighbors on God’s Terms
Embracing Our Transgender Neighbors on God’s Terms
We should seek their well-being—but also prepare for strong disagreement on what that entails.
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