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I Cremated My Unborn Son
How caring for miscarried children offers a radically pro-life vision.
We went from watching the faintest flicker of a heartbeat to seeing arms, legs, hands, feet, and what my favorite Forney knew which levers to pull to make the system work in our favor.
Cover Story: God of the Second ShiftSubscriber Access Only
The theology of work conversation is thriving. Why are most workers missing from it?
Working with your hands, too, can be Spirit-filled, as it was for to self-flagellation for college-educated Christians who work in the We do a disservice to our working-class neighbors if we
Unmarried and UndauntedSubscriber Access Only
How singleness can inspire faithful service and hope for the Resurrection.
witnesses in the world. How the world responds, of course, is ultimately outside of our hands. We trust the Holy Spirit to do his work. And so I think the
Love Your Neighbor as Yourself—And Bring Your Kids Along
Raising children to love like Jesus did.
“Part of the work we do as a family is to encourage “We introduce ourselves and our kids, we shake their hands, we tell our kids to fist bump them, and we ask how their day is going.
I Found Hope in My Husband’s Chronic Illness
Disability changed our family. It also brought us closer to these three Christian truths.
Yet we live on this side of heaven and can only see the beginning of Christ's work—what is But unfortunately, the crush of the “not yet” can cause the “already” to lie limp in our hands.
Self-Control, the Leader’s Make-or-Break VirtueSubscriber Access Only
Is it possible to build willpower like a muscle?
part of the process of sanctification that ultimately heals our sinful hearts. On the other hand, ministry work is never done, and that to leave the final outcomes of ministry in God's hands.
Ministry in the #MeToo MomentSubscriber Access Only
As abuse awareness grows, pastors are searching for ways to protect the vulnerable and care for survivors.
to help people overcome the trauma they experienced at the hands of the among its leaders, he knows there is still work to be is realizing how multi-faceted this is within our culture and
How Poetry Quiets the ‘Pandemonium of Blab’
Poet Christian Wiman helps us tune our ears to silence, so God's voice won't be lost in the noise.
thirty-eight when I realized not a word I wrote was going to last.” This book asks us to consider that not only will our bodies die but so will much (perhaps all?) of the work of our hands.
Sparing Nineveh: US Pledges $300 Million So Iraq’s Christians Can Return Home
A new round of funding, plus improved processes, will help minority faiths rebuild four years after ISIS pushed them out.
Sparing Nineveh: US Pledges $300 Million So Iraq's Christians Can Return Home. International.
Myers-Briggs and Other Mirrors for the Soul
A new history of the ubiquitous personality test sheds light on what it can and can’t deliver.
to questions about my preferences for social situations, hobbies, work environment, and Learning our type, in essence, is equivalent to gazing into a It hands us a diagnosis, not a cure.
The Bunker Is My Refuge and Strength
What living next to a doomsday prepper taught me about loving my neighbor.
Guy had built this complex with his own hands, just an I encountered someone destitute and in need, he would work out a financial arrangement with the deacons of our church so we
Her Prayers Helped Pull Me Out of Occult-Fueled Madness
While I plunged further into darkness, a middle-school classmate kept lifting me up to God.
ended, we went our separate ways and formed our own friend People were singing, lifting their hands, clapping, and listening to the Night after night, once school and work were over, I
John Inazu: Why I’m Still Confident About ‘Confident Pluralism’
The past two years have only strengthened my belief that tolerance, humility, and patience can help heal our fractious public life.
that God holds our lives and our world in his hands. of acknowledging those around us who call us to our better selves the headlines, but their good and ordinary work accomplishes the
Do All Plants Go to Heaven?Subscriber Access Only
Where there may be room for GMOs and other modern agriculture in the New Jerusalem.
It's unclear from Scripture just what role human hands will have But the little we do know certainly engages our imaginations to New Jerusalem will be a place where his work is brought
One-on-One with Nick Hall on Faith in the Next Generation, Part 1
God has been stirring and the church has been uniting.
a big campaign, linking the young people with the mission fields in our backyard So, all that work continues We want to put the best we can in their hands because we believe that God is
She Shaped Me: 10 Exemplars of Faith
Christian leaders reflect on the women from history who’ve influenced them.
facing, she exuded hope: hope in God's ability to work, hope in and praying “Jesus, help me!” as she joined hands with one Our world—my world—needs to be more hope-filled,” says
How the Church Becomes a Community of Holiness
Imitating Christ is not just an individual concern but a corporate affair.
Members act rightly as “hands” and “feet” precisely because they the church to right such wrongs, to work on behalf biblical vision of corporate holiness spurs our Christian communities
Mattresses, Experiences, and Instagramming Your Worship Service
What place does social media have in our worship services?
In other words, you had to work with your hands and the commodities the front of the stage, and lifting up their hands in worship if those are the only photos we have on our social media
My Foster Daughter Was Separated from Her Family at the Border
Caring for someone else’s kid brought heartbreak. But it also drew me closer to God’s kingdom purposes.
the company of Christ with open hearts, minds, and hands. God—the only One who can take our broken humanity author of A Smoldering Wick: Igniting Missions Work with Sustainable
Renewing Your Church: Growing Together to Discover Our God-Given Purpose
I asked if they were ready to see God do something new. When they affirmed that they were, I told them that we would be changing absolutely everything.
in the front of the room waiting to lay hands on me I also accepted the position of New Works Coordinator for our district and To help you in your work of revitalization, I've created a new
Eugene Peterson Has Completed His Long Obedience
Eugene Peterson Has Completed His Long Obedience
Family says Message author joyfully looked toward heaven as he neared death, saying, “Let’s go.”
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