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How Cracking Wheat’s Genetic Code Reminds Us Who We Are
This grain’s genome echoes of the strength found in the diversity of God’s people.
explains that Christians are prone to want to “outroot the tares by our own power the wheat and the weeds grow together, and the angels do the work of the farm hands in separating
Clean Water or the Gospel?
The answer is both.
I don't believe drilling a well, installing a pump, and teaching people to wash their hands fulfills the Great Commission. It is important work worthy of our support.
Why Christians Won’t Work Together
In the majority of locales across North America, one will often find collegiality among pastors, but rarely solidarity.
Some work together to foster internship or residency programs designed to many of God's leaders are increasingly joining hands in partnership Sequestration has not been our friend.
All Loves Excelling: How Romance Inspired Charles Wesley’s View of God
The famous hymn-writer’s understanding of divine love was reflected in his mortal marriage.
father gave his blessing, and John joined their hands, “It was a Every evening we retired to pray together, and our Lord's presence letter begins with a recollection of the work of God's
Gospel-Centered Resolutions: Not All about You, but God Working in You
The cultivation of our love for God isn’t something we can nurture all on our own.
full of perpetually unsatisfied people, hungry for more of whatever we can get our hands on. of us assume that trying harder is the solution to almost all our problems Work more diligently
David Dockery's Look at the Notable Books of 2018
A brief survey of some of this year's most significant Christian books.
Jen Wilkin has produced yet another fine work titled In His and by Owen Strachan, Always in God's Hands: Dayby Day in have given us helpful publications to strengthen our walk with
Why I’m Optimistic Amidst a Cultural Crisis
Hope never emerges from easy answers to the questions of a broken world. Hope comes from a Person.
identification, only to find such proposals merely scratch the surface of the work that must internet following the latest incident of racially motivated tyranny only to throw our hands up in
When Your Identity Is Wrapped Up into Your Ministry
What does it look like for followers of Christ to live and work with a healthy sense of ambition?
be one of surrender to God who holds all the cards—and parishioners we serve—in his hands. success to prevent us from appreciating the ways that God really is at work in our midst
I Don’t Know Why the Atonement ‘Works,’ But I Know It Does
Christ taking our place on the cross doesn’t always make sense. It doesn't have to.
This, of course, sounds trite, but in her hands it is anything but. She acknowledges that her work is but an “interpretation” and a “theory for us, that His death has washed out our sins, and
Reflecting on Heroes after the GC2 Summit Concludes: It's Only the Beginning
We have a long way to go, but many heroes are among us.
No amount of work on our end, without Those who have endured violence at the hands of others—whether verbal, physical, or psychological—hold a special place in God's heart.
What Is Biblical Preaching?: Multiethnic Culture and Preaching
Apostle Paul was able to gather multiethnic audiences because he knew how the various people who gathered would hear what was being said.
of any human, and belongs solely to the work of the insiders and outsiders, powerful with powerless, raise hands across the ethnic and sociological divide in praise to our glorious King.
The Gift of Seeing
To see the potential and dignity in every person is a gift we must receive and then cultivate. 
the elevator, on the commuter train, in the hallways at work or in In our honest moments we may have to say, as Bartimaeus did by what follows: "Once more Jesus put his hands on the
James MacDonald Takes ‘Indefinite Sabbatical’ from Harvest Bible Chapel
The founding pastor will step back as his megachurch undergoes a peacemaking process to address criticism.
to securing a healthy succession that sets all our ministries up of extended sabbatical, during which Harvest will be in capable hands. and Kathy as we step away from the work, so God
My Selfie for ChristSubscriber Access Only
Gen Z shows off missions conferences on social media.
of Passion 2019, because of what the phone in your hands can do “That's a lot of our heartbeat and Organizers also work to create meaningful experiences beyond the general sessions
A New Guild Aims to Equip Women and Amplify Orthodoxy
An interview with Pelican Project members Karen Swallow Prior, Kristie Anyabwile, and Tish Harrison Warren.
That's one of the stated commitments of the group. Part of our work is to put good resources and books by women into the hands of local pastors and leaders.
Why a Compassionate Baptist Pastor Led a Revolution
John Chilembwe’s revolt against colonial Britain failed, but he is still hailed as a hero in Malawi.
and often criminal treatment” Africans had received at the hands of their those around us and push to ensure that our brothers and You can learn more about his work and writing at www
What We Long for the Church to Do about Sexual Violence
Four practical steps churches can take to eliminate sexual violence.
our first article we shared lessons taken from our work as mental constrain truth-telling in the stories of our congregations. particularly when violations have come at the hands of church
I Told My Husband I Had Feelings for Another Man
When we finally spoke face-to-face, his exact words were, “I get it. He’s scratching an itch that I can’t right now.”
Our parting was casual and friendly. We didn't hug or shake hands. Before I even put my key into the ignition, I reached for my phone, called Peter at work, and told him about the
Giving Until It HurtsSubscriber Access Only
God sent his only Son. Why couldn’t I let my husband donate a kidney?
The nurse hands my husband a bag for personal belongings and a not intended to be the roadblock to this good work, but this back: “What if you and everyone else in our lives never
Max Lucado Reveals Past Sexual Abuse at Evangelical #MeToo Summit
(UPDATED) Beth Moore and other leading Christian survivors don’t just want to take the church to task. They also believe it plays a key role in helping victims heal.
preacher, who survived sexual abuse at the hands of family it's really important that we're not abdicating our responsibility to Through that relationship and ministry work—Salguero is an
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Making America Hospitable for Religious Outsiders
Muslims (and other minorities) shouldn’t have to elevate national ideals above faith commitments before gaining a seat at the table of citizenship.
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