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One-on-One with Karl Vaters on ‘Small Church Essentials’
Instead of striving for church growth, I encourage churches and pastors to work on increasing their capacity for effective ministry.
into their hands, and (3) to mainstream this message to the broader church leadership community. Large churches are great! Most small church leaders want to work with our big church
The Importance of Volunteers in the Church
To all volunteers, thank you for the ways you serve Christ and his church.
This expands our capacity for leadership without creating the mindset that everybody should be getting paid to do work and minister It is about getting down on your hands and knees in
Jonathan Edwards Taught More Than Just an Angry God
The Puritan preacher’s theology actually depends on God’s love, not God’s wrath.
his dearness to the Father, the Father is willing for his sake to accept of those that have deserved infinite ill at his hands.”. June Support our work. Subscribe to CT and get one year free.
One-on-One with Jamie Aten on the Disaster Ministry Conference
Below I talk with Dr. Jamie Aten about the upcoming Disaster Ministry Conference.
but the command to “do justice” assure us that our hope in a relational truth that is essential to this kind of work. Christians ready to help amidst disasters with humble hearts and hands.
One-on-One with Ronnie Floyd on the National Day of Prayer, May 3
Last year, an estimated two million Americans observed the National Day of Prayer in over 30,000 events across all 50 states.
Our future is in the hands of our Sovereign God. Ecclesiastes says there is a time for every activity under heaven. Right now is a time to work for peace.
Why Lay People Can (and Should) Plant Churches
We should remember that it is God (not boards or faculties) who raises up leaders.
were Chinese, so they would say that they were useless for the work. Following God in our call to plant churches. me was not Christian education, but that some church laid hands on me
Moral Failings in the Church: How Can Women and Victims Respond?
Be the change you want to see in the church.
For all those who have been victims at the hands of others in the that even in the worst of times, he is at work in his But as we press forward in our calling to love Jesus and make him
Engaging Culture Well: How to Share Your Faith Critically and Contextually Today
How to speak truth and trust God to change hearts and minds.
I'm confident that God can and does work through a the development of new friendships, prayer, and generosity with our time among It means being the hands and feet of Christ in ways
The Moral of Moral Failings of Christian Leaders
The character of Christian leaders is in question. We need to ask why and work for change.
It pains us to know that too many have been victims at the hands of those in power—the very ones who should have been the Our hope lives on because God is at work, taking the
Re-thinking My Savior ComplexSubscriber Access Only
My hardest lesson as a social worker? God wants me to be close to the brokenhearted as much as he wants me to save them.
We had played right into our professor's hands. She flicked on a PowerPoint presentation and led us through a lively discussion regarding the delicate dance of social work: the feelings
Preaching on Racism from the 'White' Pulpit: Reflections from David Platt’s Talk at T4G
The learning curve in this conversation about race is steep and more complex than the Black-White binary. And because of that, it can become emotionally exhausting for all of us.
objective category, some African Americans want to throw up their hands and join insisted on doing mission with the other and from our collectively “otherliness The Gospel Still at Work.
The Divorce & Remarriage of Evangelism and Discipleship
Jesus constantly and seamlessly integrated evangelism and discipleship into his everyday actions and into the way he spiritually formed and shaped the 12 disciples.
An intellectualized faith is a faith of the head and not the heart or the hands. From our work with over 100 pastors, we have found that if you are not asked those questions by someone
God Hates Gun ViolenceSubscriber Access Only
We American Christians have a biblical call to reduce firearm deaths in our land.
legitimacy of owning guns, given the violence of our land and In particular, we Christians should work to ban weapons whose main to keep guns in general out of the hands of unstable
20 Truths from Small Church Essentials
Just because a church is small, doesn’t mean it’s broken.
they want to touch people's hearts and lives through more hands-on shepherding will be celebrated, and if it doesn't work, we can I call the GIFT Plan that has helped our church become
Junk for Jesus
Scripture invites us to give our firstfruits, not our fourthfruits.
But our work is difficult and often painful to the ministry: “Jehovah that ****! Then the volunteers of Jehovah Jireh would distribute our fourthfruits to the poor, as if from the hands of God
What Do We Do With the Very Real Resurrection?
Does the biblical resurrection account leave us with as little evidence as some assume?
of us struggling with doubt that trusting in God's saving work on the them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put are eager to see Christ's wounds and scars with our very own
The Olympics Have Begun! What Can We Learn from the Top Athletes?
Is physical activity, like running, swimming, and dancing, an act of worship unto the Lord?
this to their work, athletics, and other efforts. Many churchgoers might find this verse and the application quite puzzling. Worship in our minds involves music, lyrics, and raised hands.
Preparing for Rev. Billy Graham’s Memorial Service, and Reflecting on His Love for Our Hurting World
Truly effective evangelism is a matter of friendship, mentorship, and unconditional love.
All of us are prodigal children in the hands of a merciful God who as their Savior are still people made in his image worthy of our care and should be: How can I be a part of the work Rev.
Inspiring Tales of Spiritual Motherhood
5 pastors honor the women who nurtured them for ministry.
Every week, she took our whole family to church to hear the life On a day when the work of ministry deeply moved me in She simply took my awkward, teary face in her hands, and with
The Church’s Response to the Opioid Crisis: Practical Tool Kit for Faith-Based Leaders
A new resource from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
This starts with our willingness to pursue and love those ensnared by opioids. It has the hands to help others. How can we work together to both prevent addiction and care for those
Top Story May 24, 2018
Jesus Showed Up in My Anatomy Lab
Jesus Showed Up in My Anatomy Lab
What dissecting bodies taught me about the passion story and life after death.
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