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Renewing Your Church: Growing Together to Discover Our God-Given Purpose
I asked if they were ready to see God do something new. When they affirmed that they were, I told them that we would be changing absolutely everything.
in the front of the room waiting to lay hands on me I also accepted the position of New Works Coordinator for our district and To help you in your work of revitalization, I've created a new
God’s Battle for Your Bank Account
Why idolatry is an economic issue and what to do about it.
firstfruits of their small fields, the work of their hands given back discipleship invites us to re-imagine how we work, how we is calling his church to bend the entirety of our economic lives
Mattresses, Experiences, and Instagramming Your Worship Service
What place does social media have in our worship services?
In other words, you had to work with your hands and the commodities the front of the stage, and lifting up their hands in worship if those are the only photos we have on our social media
How the Church Becomes a Community of Holiness
Imitating Christ is not just an individual concern but a corporate affair.
Members act rightly as “hands” and “feet” precisely because they the church to right such wrongs, to work on behalf biblical vision of corporate holiness spurs our Christian communities
Creation Groans, but God Hears: Many Species Face ‘Thinning of Life’
On World Wildlife Day, conservationists reflect on biblical ways of dealing with eco-anxiety.
Drawing from his scientific and pastoral work, Harris believes that “if we demand success broken relationship with God, then the ultimate redeeming solution does not lie in our hands.
The Christian Leader’s Guide to EconomicsSubscriber Access Only
The so-called “dismal science” is a powerful tool for wealth creation, but also for healing broken communities.
object of idolatrous greed or a tool in the hands of the who are either unemployed or have stopped looking for work altogether Modern World, he states, “If we are to love our neighbor as
Jonathan Edwards Taught More Than Just an Angry God
The Puritan preacher’s theology actually depends on God’s love, not God’s wrath.
his dearness to the Father, the Father is willing for his sake to accept of those that have deserved infinite ill at his hands.”. April Support our work. Subscribe to CT and get one year free.
How to Be Busy but in Balance
Work is good; too much good can be bad.
Adam and Eve to work—not just sit back lazily and watch the flowers grow. There is something in us that loves productivity and longs to create things with our hands and conceive of
Renewing Your Church: His Greatness Through Your Willingness
God is using the revitalization of the church to demonstrate his glory.
decided to bring in a strategic partner who was hands-on in a testimony that will demonstrate his greatness through our willingness To help you in your work of revitalization, I've created
My Foster Daughter Was Separated from Her Family at the Border
Caring for someone else’s kid brought heartbreak. But it also drew me closer to God’s kingdom purposes.
the company of Christ with open hearts, minds, and hands. God—the only One who can take our broken humanity author of A Smoldering Wick: Igniting Missions Work with Sustainable
The Deep Satisfaction of Accomplishing Something Together
A Christian college president defends institutional life—even the meetings!—as a high calling.
than institutional, and when it is time to move on, we let ourselves rest in the confidence that we have made our contribution and can now entrust our work into the hands of others.
Re-thinking My Savior ComplexSubscriber Access Only
My hardest lesson as a social worker? God wants me to be close to the brokenhearted as much as he wants me to save them.
We had played right into our professor's hands. She flicked on a PowerPoint presentation and led us through a lively discussion regarding the delicate dance of social work: the feelings
Taste and See That the Lord’s Supper Is Good
A biblical understanding of food whets our appetite for the fullness of the Lord's Supper on Maundy Thursday.
us and our works in Christ, and the works of our hands, used in We discover that our works are ultimately his gifts to us, for t a strange exception to the normal pattern of work and culture
Hashtag Missions: How Social Media Is Reshaping ConferencesSubscriber Access Only
Gen Z’s digital natives bring followers along for the experience.
of Passion 2019, because of what the phone in your hands can do “That's a lot of our heartbeat and Organizers also work to create meaningful experiences beyond the general sessions
4 Ways to Share God’s Love in Summertime
The “Ordinary Time” of summer invites us to give the extraordinary Good News.
the middle of our laundry and dishes, our laborious work days, our Jesus Christ, in sum, is this: Salvation is not in your hands. ll ever have in real life and increasingly spend our time on
Junk for Jesus
Scripture invites us to give our firstfruits, not our fourthfruits.
But our work is difficult and often painful to the ministry: “Jehovah that ****! Then the volunteers of Jehovah Jireh would distribute our fourthfruits to the poor, as if from the hands of God
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
“We are sorry,” elder board says as more women claim misconduct.
they had worked harder “to collaborate with all parties,” and promised to “methodically examine our church culture So they couldn't call it a work meeting. “He put his two hands on my
God Hates Gun ViolenceSubscriber Access Only
We American Christians have a biblical call to reduce firearm deaths in our land.
legitimacy of owning guns, given the violence of our land and In particular, we Christians should work to ban weapons whose main to keep guns in general out of the hands of unstable
Trump Reveals White House Faith Initiative on National Day of Prayer
Annual observance concludes with Southern Baptist leader Ronnie Floyd interviewing Frank and Sherri Pomeroy from First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.
offices—represents a widespread expansion of a program that has historically done very effective work, and now can do even greater work,” said Moore. Our future is in Your hands.
Can Preachers Make an Impact in a Post-Christian World?
Herman Bavinck’s advice to 19th century pastors still holds true today.
A pastor who takes every part of his work seriously “cannot always smiled, but no-one fell silent, their hands masking suddenly Augustine, Massillon, Calvin, et al—come to our rescue?
Top Story March 23, 2019
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
A deeper problem lies beneath recent stories of swelling rivers, soggy small towns, and feel-good relief efforts.
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