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The Missional Renaissance Is Upon UsSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Reggie McNeal
Our Contentious CatalystSubscriber Access Only
Francis Schaeffer never stopped battling for the faith.
Harold Fickett| November 20, 2008. Francis Schaeffer And the Shaping of Evangelical America (Library of Religious Biography) Harold Fickett was a student at Swiss L'Abri in 1973.
Suicide: Help for Before and AfterSubscriber Access Only
Care for people well in this difficult time.
Why We Are in IraqSubscriber Access Only
"Michael Kelly, R.I.P"
Obviously there were stories Kelly missed while he was drinking with characters like "Samir, the Jordanian hustler." (See for example Harold Fickett's account of Iraqi martyrs in The
Colson the CatechistSubscriber Access Only
A culture warrior sets out to explain Christianity's essential doctrines.
So say Charles Colson and his frequent coauthor Harold Fickett in The Faith, a book that celebrates the Christian faith's essential doctrines, beliefs held by Christians "everywhere
The Perfect ProdigalSubscriber Access Only
A pator faced with debilitating personal problems takes the first step on the road to renewed life and ministry.
War on the WeakSubscriber Access Only
Eugenics has made a lethal comeback.
Charles Colson is a Christianity Today columnist and author, with Harold Fickett, of The Good Life: Seeking Purpose, Meaning, and Truth in Your Life (Tyndale, 2005), from which The
BOOKS: Making It StrangeSubscriber Access Only
How old stories can be told in new ways.
Daybreak, by Harold Fickett (Bethany House, 288 pp.; $14.99, hardcover; $8.99, paper); The Crying for a Vision, by Walter Wangerin, Jr. (Simon & Schuster, 279 pp.; $16, hardcover).
The Pentecostal Gold StandardSubscriber Access Only
After 50 years in ministry, Jack Hayford continues to confound stereotypes—all to the good.
Like any other pastor in Southern California, he knew of the Baptist congregation. It was growing like a weed, drawing nationwide publicity under the leadership of Pastor Harold Fickett.
Putting Death in Your DaytimerSubscriber Access Only
Reading as memento mori.
This essay is taken from Things in Heaven and Earth: Exploring the Supernatural, edited by Harold Fickett, Copyright 1998 by Paraclete Press. Used
Counseling Blended FamiliesSubscriber Access Only
How one pastor helps couples ward off second-time failure.
5 New BooksSubscriber Access Only
by Christianity Today Writers.
Compiled by Susan Wunderink| December 9, 2008. The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters Charles Colson and Harold Fickett.
Colson Blasts 'Deep Throat'Subscriber Access Only
Christian statesman, former Nixon aide says leaks were unethical and unnecessary.
Guthrie, Christianity Today's senior associate news editor, interviewed Colson, a CT columnist, about his comments about Felt, as well as his new book, with Harold Fickett, The Good
The $65,000 QuestionSubscriber Access Only
And the answer my autistic grandson gives.
The $65,000 Question. And the answer my autistic grandson gives. From a new book by Charles Colson with Harold Fickett| October 1, 2005. My wife
Why Apocalypse Is Essential to Advent
Why Apocalypse Is Essential to Advent
This season demands a clear view of darkness. Here’s how scholars reckon with it.
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