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Kurt Kaiser Passes Away, But His Music Will Pass It On
From Word Music to Baylor University, Christian composer leaves a legacy of hundreds of songs.
draw youth to outreach events and revivals,” including through their 1969 musical “Tell It Like It Is,” which sold half a million copies worldwide, wrote researcher Wen Reagan, now a
Bethel Music and Bieber Sang It. But Do We Really Believe in ‘Reckless Love’?
Worship experts weigh in on the theology beneath Cory Asbury’s chart-topping hit.
reckless not to. Wen Reagan, adjunct instructor of church history and worship at Duke Divinity School: Reckless could be taken two ways here. One is
The 6 Songs Billy Graham Picked for His Funeral
(UPDATED) The evangelist planned his own ceremony. Experts analyze the music he chose.
Wen Reagan, director of worship at All Saints Church in Durham, North Carolina, and instructor of church history and worship at Duke Divinity School:
Playlist: The Best New Christmas Music
Be of good cheer: We are in a moment of theologically rich, artistically wonderful recordings.
I am similarly grounded by Wen Reagan's adaptation of the Naaman Wood text, “In Glorious Feasting,” which pulls no punches in its poetic descriptions of Christ's birth:
The Best Worship Music You Won't Hear on Christian RadioSubscriber Access Only
It's like finding needles in a hymnstack.
Wen Reagan| April 17, 2015. Image: Jay Fitzgerald / Courtesy of Deeper Well. Wen Reagan is a doctoral candidate in the department of religion at Duke University.
‘Oceans’ Keeps RisingSubscriber Access Only
Why the Hillsong hit still tops the charts.
before us. Wen Reagan, contemporary worship music historian and doctoral candidate at Duke Divinity School: I think it's return to the Billboard No. 1
Should Churches Stop Singing the Songs of Fallen Worship Leaders?Subscriber Access Only
Experts weigh in.
proclaimed in our musical repertoires and the industrial structures that give rise to our worship music." ~Wen Reagan, director of worship, All Saints Church, Durham, North Carolina.
Reply AllSubscriber Access Only
Readers respond to the April issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
I would have likely never discovered these artists, so my thanks to Wen Reagan for the curation and discovery, and for sharing the treasures. As a librarian, I say well done!
Top Story March 25, 2019
Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR Guru
Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR Guru
Mark DeMoss represented Christian organizations through highs and lows, but we’re all tasked with representing Christ.
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