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The Opportunity of a Lifetime: Reflections on Link Between Prison and Diaspora Ministries
God is raising up a new supply of workers for the harvest in the most unexpected places.
Effective Leadership Is Dynamic and Empowering
Bill Gates thinks successful leaders will be those who empower others. I believe that this applies to church leadership as well.
One-on-One with Charles Stone on ‘Every Pastor’s First 180 Days’
"Setting a healthy trajectory will accelerate the process by which a pastor can earn social capital so that they can make long lasting changes with Kingdom impact.”
10 Principles To Get The Best From Volunteer Church Leaders
Leaders will attend and volunteer at churches where they are honored as people and where their hard work and leadership skills are recognized and valued.
John Crist, Failure, and Warnings to Heed for Christian Leaders
Heed the warning. Run toward holiness. Rest in Christ.
The Motivation of Transformation
Personal transformation had powerful missionary implications.  
One-on-One with Bryan Jarrett on Resourcing Rural America, Part 1
We've not looked at rural as a mission field. We haven't seen it through missiological lenses.
One-on-One with Bryan Jarrett on Resourcing Rural America, Part 2
Pastor Bryan Jarrett and his team have created a safe space for children who have been victims of sexual exploitation.
Another Way for Immigration Reform? How Evangelicals Can Help Lead It
Evangelical Call for Restitution-Based Immigration Reform allows evangelicals to voice their support.
One-on-One with Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby on 'This Beautiful Book'
Today I talk with Steve Green about "This Beautiful Book", which was just released.
One-on-One with Warren Smith on MinistryWatch, Accountability, and the Need for Christian Journalism
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” That sentence also describes American journalism today. 
One-on-One with Stephen Witmer on ‘A Big Gospel in Small Places’
My conversation with Stephen Witmer in the importance of serving in small town places.
Church Leaders: A Work in Progress
If we see ourselves as the director of the work, we will become vulnerable to the weight of ministry.
Six Ways Pastors Struggle: You Are Not Alone
Pretending pastors don't struggle is a recipe for disaster.
Four Marks of a Kingdom-centric Church
A church existing for the Kingdom of God will always be reminiscent of a heroic, rescue mission for one very loved and lost lamb. 
A Sanctuary for Each Other: The Protective Power of Clergy Marriages
For couples, finding sanctuary with each other and together with God can be a source of survival in high-stress ministry environments.
Do I, or Anyone I Know, Have a Mental Illness?
My hope is that we in the church can understand wounds of the soul well enough that we move beyond the stigma we have associated with “mental” illness.
Love Thy Extraterrestrial Neighbor
Love Thy Extraterrestrial Neighbor
The burgeoning field of astrobiology and what it tells us about the meaning of life.
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