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Flouting Church LawSubscriber Access Only
Two gay controversies likely to dominate United Methodist General Conference this week.
Southern Baptists: To Sign or Not to Sign?Subscriber Access Only
Some Southern Baptist missionaries balk at revised statement.
Assualt on Purity: ACLU Claims Abstinence Program has a Christian agenda.Subscriber Access Only
Louisiana official vows to wage a legal fight 'to the hilt.'
Eight UMC Pastors Quit DenominationSubscriber Access Only
Same-sex unions, bishop's handling of power prompt the exodus.
In Memoriam: Megachurch Pastor Jack Hyles Dead at 74Subscriber Access Only
Fundamental Baptist congregation is one of country's largest
"World Vision Locates Missing Staff, Assesses Damage in Angola"Subscriber Access Only
Two workers seriously injured
C.S. Lewis: Mere Marketing?Subscriber Access Only
Publisher, estate under fire for handling of C. S. Lewis's identity.
World Vision Staff MissingSubscriber Access Only
Thousands flee Angolan rebels on foot
Option for Alienated Baptist MissionariesSubscriber Access Only
Texans to form 'flexible' alternative to the Southern Baptist Convention's IMB
How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality Subscriber Access Only
Amid quickly changing cultural norms, we need a thoughtful and loving way to engage our children.
Faith-based Child Abuse?Subscriber Access Only
Shamblin defends Atlanta couple charged with murder.
"Education: Reading, Writing, Reform"Subscriber Access Only
"Vouchers dropped, but testing, tax credits remain in Bush education plan"
The Business of ResurrectionSubscriber Access Only
A fast-growing Kansas City church builds on success by using an innovative plan for real-estate development.
The Definition of 'I Screwed Up'Subscriber Access Only
Susan Wise Bauer, author of The Art of the Public Grovel, dissects Obama's apology.
Parenting in a Porn-Saturated WorldSubscriber Access Only
It’s addictive, has devastating consequences, and nearly all of our kids will be exposed to it. What can we do?
10 Books You Should Read to Your Kids This ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
I celebrate the season by reading stories to my kids. Here are our favorites.
"Southern Baptists: Interfaith activity will cost D.C. Convention $476,000 in denominational funding."Subscriber Access Only
"SBC pulls support, saying interfaith gatherings were harmful"
Sex Ed: Federal judge says Louisiana is promoting religion through abstinence-only program.Subscriber Access Only
Judge says Louisiana groups promoted religion in sex education program
Left Behind Series Puts Tyndale AheadSubscriber Access Only
Success leaves publisher wondering how to best steward the company's increase.
Using Wesley's Old PlaybookSubscriber Access Only
Methodism is perfectly situated to reach Gen-Xers, says pastor.
Love Thy Extraterrestrial Neighbor
Love Thy Extraterrestrial Neighbor
The burgeoning field of astrobiology and what it tells us about the meaning of life.
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