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The TownSubscriber Access Only
A heist flick rich in drama and complicated characters and relationships.
ChronicleSubscriber Access Only
A surprisingly complex, personal, and dark video diary of three Seattle teens with superpowers.
In Perspective: The Friendliest Murderous Militants in the WorldSubscriber Access Only
"The Soviet Union, United States, and others helped create Afghanistan's ruling Taliban. Will the world's most Islamic state backfire?"
Biotech Backlash: New Coalition Rallies Against Human CloningSubscriber Access Only
"After Advanced Cell Technology announcement, sharp criticism comes from all sides"
Christian Conservatives Split on Federal Marriage AmendmentSubscriber Access Only
"Law would protect marriage from courts, but legislatures could still extend marital benefits to same-sex unions"
Muslims Protest Franklin Graham's Pentagon InviteSubscriber Access Only
"Evanescence pulled from Christian retail, and other online stories from around the world"
Get 'Lost'Subscriber Access Only
Acclaimed show asks big questions.
Saved!Subscriber Access Only
Hangman's CurseSubscriber Access Only
FreedomlandSubscriber Access Only
Night of the Living Fred
Forgiveness on American Idol
Why Mandisa forgave Simon Cowell's rude remarks.
Lights, Camera, God
Can you believe in the God you see on screen?
I Hated Being Home
Skillet's John Cooper had to learn how to forgive.
The Hunger GamesSubscriber Access Only
This adaptation captures the book almost perfectly. PLUS: Jesus in The Hunger Games, and a movie discussion guide.
'Only Cellular Life'?Subscriber Access Only
Christians, leaders, and bioethics watchdogs react to the announcement that human embryos have been cloned.
Philippine President, New Tribes Mission Speak Out On Negotiations With KidnappersSubscriber Access Only
Bush delivers a testimony, and alleged sex abuse victims accuse the Vatican of a cover-up
Seven Pakistani Christians Killed in Attack on CharitySubscriber Access Only
Troops arrive to protect missionary children trapped in Ivory Coast school
Tornado Hits Union UniversitySubscriber Access Only
Blown out windows and demolished roofs but no injuries left in severe storm's wake.
Love Thy Extraterrestrial Neighbor
Love Thy Extraterrestrial Neighbor
The burgeoning field of astrobiology and what it tells us about the meaning of life.
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