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The Spirituality of Slowing Down and Shutting Up
How do you connect with God in a society of perpetual noise and busyness?
Sacrificing the BodySubscriber Access Only
Too many pastors are neglecting their physical health—and it's killing them.
The Church that Drinks Together
In our town, refusing to drink alcohol may be a bigger stumbling block than serving it.
6 Things I've Learned Hanging Out with AddictsSubscriber Access Only
Stepping out to the margins blew up my ministry.
Hollowed Out, Hallowed In
Leading during a time of personal trauma
My Double Life as a Secret AddictSubscriber Access Only
I was afraid of being found out, but then grace found me.
When Internet Filters Are Not EnoughSubscriber Access Only
Because ten is too young to lose your innocence
Culture ClashSubscriber Access Only
An Interview with David Platt
My First Sexuality SermonSubscriber Access Only
Can I keep it biblical and interesting without becoming TOO interesting?
When Service is SelfishSubscriber Access Only
Codependent behavior might be as close as your church.
Codependency and the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
It’s a growing addiction. Are you ready to talk about it?
Why I Gave Up AlcoholSubscriber Access Only
In a rush to shed our separatist past, have young evangelicals forgotten to love their neighbors?
Is Pot Legal in Your State Yet?Subscriber Access Only
And other items of interest from ministry and culture
From Moralizing to ConnectionSubscriber Access Only
XXXChurch's Steven Luff on how local churches can engage porn addiction.
Not Another Celebrity Takedown, PleaseSubscriber Access Only
When stars make headlines, even Christians are quick to throw stones.
Celebrity Death, Ministry ReminderSubscriber Access Only
It's easy to mythologize "tortured geniuses," and miss the shared stories of struggle.
My Small Group, AnonymousSubscriber Access Only
Where nobody knows your (last) name.
The Most Difficult Time Of The YearSubscriber Access Only
10 ways for people in recovery to relieve Christmas anxiety.
Morning Roundup 11/14/13
Christian Pill Addiction; Steps for a Sick Church: Sydney Opera House
When Pot Is Legal, What Do We Say?
As marijuana laws change, a Christian response has to get to the root of the faith.
Top Story April 22, 2019
The Suffering Servant Only Makes Sense in the Context of the Trinity
The Suffering Servant Only Makes Sense in the Context of the Trinity
The historical Christian doctrine helps us to see the goodness of God in Good Friday.
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