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When Pot Is Legal, What Do We Say?
As marijuana laws change, a Christian response has to get to the root of the faith.
The Secret Lives of Christian Pill AddictsSubscriber Access Only
Addicts shouldn’t have to hide their recovery from the church.
Redemptive VulnerabilitySubscriber Access Only
Our leadership should demonstrate God's strength and our weakness.
The Secret Women's Porn ProblemSubscriber Access Only
We may not talk much about women’s addiction to erotica, but it’s happening.
Where Lust LeadsSubscriber Access Only
One pastor's journey through sex addiction.
Ganja LoveSubscriber Access Only
Pot's new legality lights up a pastoral dilemma.
Struggling on the StreetsSubscriber Access Only
My glimpse into the hopes, anxieties, and regrets of the homeless in Harvard Square.
Mourning a Daughter's SuicideSubscriber Access Only
How family and faith sustained Frank Page as he grieved the loss of his sweet, but troubled, Melissa.
Divine RehabSubscriber Access Only
Whatever your addiction, God's grace is the only hope for a way out.
RagamuffinSubscriber Access Only
The patched-up life and unshabby message of Brennan Manning.
Salvation at the Storefront Church
How Peacemakers International is giving Detroit drug dealers and prostitutes a hope and a home.
Ministering on the Margins in Rural America
Tierra Nueva ministry reaches drug addicts, migrant workers, and other downtrodden people living in Washington State.
Is Megachurch Worship Addictive? Subscriber Access Only
Scholars, including the coauthor of the recent study alleging that it creates a "high," weigh in.
The Confessions of Scott StappSubscriber Access Only
New memoir addresses abusive childhood, a wild ride with Creed, a near suicide attempt, and, finally, getting right with God.
The Demise of Guys?Subscriber Access Only
Boys' brains are being rewired by video games and online porn.
The Antidote to Alcohol and Drug AddictionSubscriber Access Only
Why worship may help kick the habit. A review of 'Addiction and Virtue.'
Super Natural: Josh Hamilton's ComebackSubscriber Access Only
The recovering crack addict and baseball superstar knows he's special, but it's a special that cuts two ways.
Top Story July 17, 2019
Moonshot: What Barth, Tillich, and Tozer Thought of the Space Age
Moonshot: What Barth, Tillich, and Tozer Thought of the Space Age
CT’s 1958 interview provides some bearing on today's missions to the sun, Mars and beyond.
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