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Mary Beth Chapman vs. GodSubscriber Access Only
In a new book, Steven Curtis Chapman's wife is brutally honest about her lifelong feud with the Creator, especially after losing their daughter to an accident in 2008.
Wallis Apologizes to Olasky after Sojourners Funding FlapSubscriber Access Only
Sojourners founder apologizes for suggesting World's editor-in-chief 'lies for a living' but stands by his organization's accepting grants from George Soros.
Oh, Snap--Livin' the Dream Subscriber Access Only
When you get so fed up you don't know what you'll say ...
Stride Toward Peace: The Mideast's Nonviolent MomentSubscriber Access Only
Risking love in a land of violence.
A Candle in the DarknessSubscriber Access Only
The president of Compassion International tells his story of childhood abuse and deliverance in a West Africa boarding school.
The Volcanic SpiritSubscriber Access Only
One eruption can contaminate your inner space for a l-o-n-g time.
When People are Disappointed with Your ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Seven questions for leaders to ask themselves
Channeling the Populist RageSubscriber Access Only
How should we respond to the loss of confidence in the government?
Born Again … Again Subscriber Access Only
In my ministry of racial reconciliation, I had to move from a culture of effort to a culture of grace.
Strength in MeeknessSubscriber Access Only
What to do with the anger that saps strength.
Al Mohler Defends Obama...Sort ofSubscriber Access Only
The President's address to students has stirred controversy. How should church leaders respond?
Managing Your AngerSubscriber Access Only
Controlling a strong emotion.
To Kill or to Love—That Was the QuestionSubscriber Access Only
Rethinking the image of God helped me to decide.
The Rotisserie Chicken GospelSubscriber Access Only
Author Susan Isaacs on comedy, church hopping, and having a 'middle-class white girl's Dark Night of the Soul.'
The Scandal of the AIG BonusesSubscriber Access Only
And the gospel of incomprehensible unfairness.
The Economy of AngerSubscriber Access Only
Looking for a real miracle.
Livid and AfraidSubscriber Access Only
An ancient pundit on the meaning of economic disaster.
A Crisis of FaithSubscriber Access Only
How do we respond when we serve in a spiritual leadership position and face a crisis of faith?
Habakkuk in ZimbabweSubscriber Access Only
We're hungry, angry, and depending on a sovereign God.
Female Evangelical Leaders Have a Hidden Predecessor to Thank
Female Evangelical Leaders Have a Hidden Predecessor to Thank
Kathryn Kuhlman’s story offers a case study of the indisputable achievements of strong evangelical women and the equally indisputable roadblocks they often face.
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