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Too Content after Conversion
Angry Like God?Subscriber Access Only
The Angry Christian ignores human fury's biological essence.
A Leader's Private PrayersSubscriber Access Only
When you've exhausted your knowledge, tap a deeper wisdom.
The Emotions of ConflictSubscriber Access Only
The way to handle the most dangerous aspects of conflict is from the inside out.
A Crash Course in ConflictSubscriber Access Only
Three basic principles that can be adapted to deal with your church conflict.
Confronting Defensive PeopleSubscriber Access Only
7 steps to better conversations with tough talkers.
Redeeming BitternessSubscriber Access Only
Miroslav Volf tells how to stop the 'shield of memory' from turning into a sword.
7 Deadly Sins of PreachingSubscriber Access Only
Temptations of the miked.
Kramer's Sins—and OursSubscriber Access Only
What society and the church can learn from comedian Michael Richards's racial tirade.
Grappling with GodSubscriber Access Only
Prayer sometimes feels like a hug and a stranglehold at the same time.
To Russia with FurySubscriber Access Only
Sometimes charity means anger.
Leader's Insight: 5 Questions for Better Team DecisionsSubscriber Access Only
How to make important choices without dividing the group.
Dealing with Difficult PeopleSubscriber Access Only
Learn how to nurture even difficult relationships within your congregation to build up effective followers of Jesus.
Avoiding All-Out Church WarSubscriber Access Only
Confront conflict in your church and restore it to peace.
Silent Night, Merciful NightSubscriber Access Only
An old, proud actor discovers that Jesus came for elitists, too.
Joyous CursingSubscriber Access Only
Was Dale Earnhardt Jr. right about profanity?
Six Steps to Settling DifferencesSubscriber Access Only
After two failed attempts, I asked a pro to lead the meeting. Here's what he did.
Pastor with a Big Grudge
But Pastors Can't Get Mad
The Most Diverse Movement in History
The Most Diverse Movement in History
Christianity has been a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic movement since its inception.
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