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Heavy Church Board Conflict
Violent Sermon Criticism
Bold Pastor Faces Angry Mob
Pastor's Bad Day
Reluctant Followers
Executed for Changing Worship Order
Praying Mantis Has no Desire
Calvinist vs. Armenian
Christian Women Against Everything
Angry Husband Blows a Gasket
Can't Love My Neighbor
The Gift of AngerSubscriber Access Only
A pastorally minded professor Challenges us to get angry the way God does.
Showdown with an Angry ManSubscriber Access Only
My advice to a younger pastor facing an inevitable personal conflict.
Fear and HateSubscriber Access Only
"In times like this, as in all other times, Christians have a responsibility to love above all else."
Taking It PersonallySubscriber Access Only
What do we do with all this anger
Hope for the Difficult EmotionSubscriber Access Only
Changing sinful patterns happens in community.
Anger with No SinSubscriber Access Only
It's not easy, but it's possible.
The Day I Burned My Green CardSubscriber Access Only
From the EditorSubscriber Access Only
Top Story August 24, 2019
America Needed Spies. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.
America Needed Spies During World War II. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.
They regretted some of what they were asked to do, but they thought defending democracy was worth it.
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