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Parents of Prodigals: Let God Work on Your Anger and FearsSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from 'Hope for the Prodigal.'
Evil Is Real, But Love Is Stronger
We don’t need a weak, shallow, moderated response right now. We need a strong, deep and clear response. That’s why we need Christ's love.
Hath God Truly Said, ‘Avoid Foolish Controversies’?Subscriber Access Only
It turns out that lustily fighting for the truth isn’t what God asks of us.
Fellow Christian, I’m Going To Assume The Best Of You – Even If You Don’t Give Me The Same Courtesy
If we look for the worst in people, we’ll get bucketloads of it. If we look for the best, we’ll get that.
When This Pastor Got Political
I thought a town hall meeting would be the perfect venue to fight for justice. I was oh-so-wrong.
How to Escape America’s Anger ProblemSubscriber Access Only
In this rancorous post-election season, some women are turning to tried-and-true solutions.
I'm Offended! By Easily-Offended Christians
If Christmas comes and goes without a red cup scandal, did it really happen?
Ministry after a Fatal Police ShootingSubscriber Access Only
Amid Charlotte’s tragedy, Claude Alexander calls pastors to be both critics and reconcilers.
The Church Needs Better Critics (9 Ways to Win Hearts, not Just Arguments)
As Christians – especially Christian leaders – our criticism should elevate the conversation, not debase it.
A Pastoral LamentSubscriber Access Only
In the wake of last week’s killings, do we rationalize or weep?
Be Undeniable: A Christian Alternative to Engaging In the Culture Wars
The world isn’t looking for someone to win the latest debate in the culture wars. They’re looking for an alternative to the whole mess.
When They're Really Mad at You
How to follow Jesus while dodging bullets.
I Don’t Like the Same Small Churches You Don’t Like
The problems most people have with small churches aren’t about size, they’re about sickness. And sickness can happen in churches of any size.
Zeal Flips TablesSubscriber Access Only
Jesus wasn't always Mr. Nice Guy. Church leaders shouldn't be either.
The Church Leader's Uneasy Compromise with AngerSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes our indignation's greatest accomplishment is revealing who we are.
7 Times Your 'Righteous' Anger Probably Isn'tSubscriber Access Only
Yes, your projector malfunctioned. Breathe. It's going to be okay.
3 Pastors at the End of Their RopesSubscriber Access Only
Are we brave enough to see our real selves in these fictional examples?
The Temple MarketSubscriber Access Only
SALE! This week only! Come and see!
Campaign Issues Then and Now
Certain themes keep coming up, millennia after millennia.
Dear Andy Stanley, Please Be the Small Church's Ally, Not Our Enemy
A plea from the 90 percent about "that" sermon you preached.
Top Story August 17, 2019
Put Not Your Trust in Credentials
Put Not Your Trust in Credentials
Chris Arnade’s moving account of “back-row America” made me reconsider my own definition of success.
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