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The Angry Martin Luther KingSubscriber Access Only
Why we must resist the 'Santaclausification' of the great leader.
10 Ways to Deal with Chronic Complainers In the Church
Small churches can be a magnet for chronic complainers. Here's how to reduce their negative impact - and increase the positive.
Every Idle Word: 8 Cautions for Ministers on Social Media
Social media is a powerful tool for good, for evil, and for mischief. These eight ideas can help keep conversations civil and reputations intact.
Hating the Way Jesus HatesSubscriber Access Only
Why more believers need the courage to get angry at sin.
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Pray for Paris: What I Will and Will Not Say this Sunday
As the world mourns for Paris this weekend, church-goers will look to their pastors to set a tone. This is what I plan to do in church tomorrow.
Eight Ways to Deal with Control Freaks in the Small Church
In small churches, each member has greater impact. This tends to attract control freaks. But we can deal with them lovingly and effectively.
When Complaining Tears Us ApartSubscriber Access Only
Sociologists say voicing our frustrations brings us together. Scripture offers another way.
Stop Telling Me How Bad the Church Is – I'm Not Listening
I’m calling a moratorium on indiscriminate complaints about the church. If it’s not specific, constructive, and impartial, I’m not interested.
Are Churches Fixing Problems No One Cares About?
People who don’t attend church aren’t as angry as we think. They’re apathetic. Anger would be easier to deal with.
People Are Leaving for the Cool New Church! Now What?
Seven steps to help us rediscover our passion and stop comparing ourselves to others.
Lessons from My Car WreckSubscriber Access Only
Why I wished I’d read the church insurance policy.
Saved from Islam on September 11
As I looked up at the burning twin towers, life-changing words came to me—words I suddenly heard inside my head.
Did Pastors Pave the Way for Trump?Subscriber Access Only
We bear some responsibility for the state of political discourse, but we also hold the power to change it.
The Anniversary of Ferguson: Challenges and Opportunities for PastorsSubscriber Access Only
How can church leaders encourage reconciliation in the face of racial discord?
Hopeful Outrage
How to transform anger into action.
Sin Gone ViralSubscriber Access Only
How Internet outrage hits deep.
When HotChurch Came to TownSubscriber Access Only
It did something to me, especially on the inside.
Fight Back With GodSubscriber Access Only
After Charleston, we stand together in faith.
Honoring Fathers When Many Aren’t HonorableSubscriber Access Only
Beware the generalities when preaching on Father’s Day.
Morning Roundup 6/10/15
Negativity; Leaders Saying "Thanks"; God Wrote a Book
Top Story May 24, 2019
Can We Finally Break the Silence Around Tamar?
Can We Finally Break the Silence Around Tamar?
Telling the uncomfortable story of “desolate” Tamar positions us to show a kind of compassion King David didn’t.
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