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A Portrait of America’s First AtheistsSubscriber Access Only
What life was like for unbelievers long before Christopher Hitchens and company arrived on the scene.
Nicole Cliffe: How God Messed Up My Happy Atheist Life
I had no untapped, unanswered yearnings. All was well in the state of Denmark. And then it wasn’t.
Blessed Are the AgnosticsSubscriber Access Only
How I learned to see my unbelieving husband through God’s eyes.
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Why We Shouldn’t Remove God from the Pledge of AllegianceSubscriber Access Only
What we really need, says Kevin Seamus Hasson, is a different understanding of the ‘God’ our nation is under.
As Falwell Favors Trump, Pew Says Most Americans Still Want a Religious PresidentSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) However, survey also finds Trump is one of few candidates who doesn't have to be religious to be deemed great.
The World’s Most Astonished AtheistSubscriber Access Only
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed Joy Davidman’s worldview, too.
When Jesus Wanted All My MoneySubscriber Access Only
And everything else. How I learned he’s an all-or-nothing Lord.
Five Ways to Cut to the Heart of Non-Christian IdeasSubscriber Access Only
Nancy Pearcey equips believers with tools to expose error and promote truth.
Morning Roundup 11/24/14
Planting in Highly-Church Areas; Atheists Believe in Heaven; Alex and Brett Harris
Morning Roundup 11/19/14
End of Mideast Christianity?; Atheism in China; Exercising Power and Wise Boundaries
How a French Atheist Becomes a Theologian
Inside my own revolution.
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Good News for Pastors: Court Overturns Atheist Victory on Housing AllowanceSubscriber Access Only
But question remains: Will IRS agree with DOJ that atheists count as 'ministers of the gospel'?
Thursday is for Thinkers: 3 Things Atheists Have Taught Me About God
Sarah Bowler on what she's learned about God from unbelievers.
Deconversion: Some Thoughts on Bart Campolo’s Departure from Christianity
Bart Campolo's departure from Christianity–some reflections about faith and (our) families.
Me and Richard Dawkins--Not That Different After All?
The temptation of utilitarianism.
Atheists Accuse Evangelical Researchers (US!) of Bias-- Let's Take a Look!
Humanists say LifeWay Research was biased, but both polls are helpful
Morning Roundup 8/12/14
IRS and Atheists; Getting Fired from Your First Pastorate; Transformational Churches
Pew: How Many Americans Would Be Happy If Their Child Married a 'Born-Again' ChristianSubscriber Access Only
New survey finds even liberals largely favor Christians over other types of marriage partners.
Richard Dawkins Has Reason to Fear the Fairy TaleSubscriber Access Only
How the realm of make-believe can bring us toward God.
Good News for Churches Worried About Losing Their Pastor's Best Benefit to Atheist LawsuitsSubscriber Access Only
What a Kentucky court ruling implies for a high-profile Wisconsin challenge to the clergy housing allowance.
Is Life Unsatisfying? Augustine Says, ‘You Are Not Alone.’
Is Life Unsatisfying? Augustine Says, ‘You Are Not Alone.’
James K. A. Smith accompanies the church father on a journey through the human heart.
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