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Faith for the Post-Christian Heart: A Conversation with Francis SpuffordSubscriber Access Only
For the UK writer, Christianity must first make sense in the realm of lived experience.
Morning Roundup 4/2/14
NYT's 3 Worst Corrections on Christian Holidays; 3 Questions for Managing Your Boss; Who are the "Nones"?
Morning Roundup 2/17/14
Are Evangelicals Bad for Marriage?; Is Atheism Irrational?; Great Teammates
The Problem With Trying On AtheismSubscriber Access Only
We’re confused by one California pastor’s “year without God.”
Morning Roundup 11/21/13
Pentecostals and Charismatics; Life Apart from God; Ted Turner and Heaven
Morning Roundup 11/18/13
City Density; Bias Toward Action; Atheist Megachurches
Hypocrisy Pushed Student President of Christian College Toward AtheismSubscriber Access Only
Despite outpouring of support, a few fellow students remain critical of atheist senior at Northwest Christian.
Why Atheist Leaders Are 'Ministers of the Gospel'Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Legal challenge to pastor tax break takes 'fascinating turn.'
What the 'Six Types of Atheists' Mean for Christian OutreachSubscriber Access Only
A new study highlights important differences between nonbelievers. But they have many things in common, too.
Morning Roundup 06/10/13
Willow Creek; Young Atheists; Kingdom of God; Beth Moore on The Exchange
The Atheist's Dilemma
I tried to face down an overwhelming body of evidence, as well as the living God.
My Train Wreck Conversion
As a leftist lesbian professor, I despised Christians. Then I somehow became one.
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The Quest for the Perfect AtheistSubscriber Access Only
Susan Jacoby's biography of Robert Ingersoll mistakes a likeable fellow with a second-rate mind for a "freethinking" hall-of-famer.
What Brings Atheists to Church? Their Children, Research ShowsSubscriber Access Only
Children are statistically significant factor in church attendance by atheist scientists.
Boy Scouts' Inspiration May Accommodate AtheistsSubscriber Access Only
U.K. group would offer alternative 'Scout Promise' that removes reference to God.
The God Who Walks Through the Door
In my questions for God, I'm like my kids. Sometimes sincere in my doubts. Sometimes whiny, repetitive, insistent. Often not even asking God directly but allowing my doubts to protect me from talking to God, or listening to God, at all.
Atheist Blogger Switches to Patheos' Catholic PortalSubscriber Access Only
Leah Libresco announced her conversion Monday after lengthy exploration of morality on her blog.
Christopher Hitchens Has Died, Doug Wilson ReflectsSubscriber Access Only
How to think about the death of the outspoken atheist.
Ayn Rand Led Me to ChristSubscriber Access Only
How the anti-Christian philosopher prepared me to hear the gospel.
Atheists in the Foxholes—as ChaplainsSubscriber Access Only
Why the military's inclusion of non-believing chaplains matters.
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
In the ministry’s first major innovation in seven decades, the children now do the choosing.
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