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Jesus’ Baptism Site Is a Minefield to Navigate. Literally.
Tourism expected to surge as 1,500 landmines are removed from Jordan River’s shore, with remaining 5,000 hopefully gone by next Christmas.
When Christian Practices Hurt Other People
Baptism, prayer, and Communion can all go “wayward,” says Lauren Winner. Should we blame the sinful practitioners or the practices themselves?
Celebrating 50,000 Baptisms – No Matter How Many Churches It Takes
Saddleback Church deserves to be honored for baptizing 50,000 people over the last 38 years. But we should never limit our attention to churches with outsized numbers.
5 Ways Your Church Could End Up In Court
These true stories reveal the need for awareness and prevention.
After Baptism Gone Wrong, Court Weakens Church Protections
Oklahoma Supreme Court says membership matters most in tortured ex-Muslim’s lawsuit.
Baptism Doesn’t Have to Be DivisiveSubscriber Access Only
Despite our different methods, we’re all immersed in the same Christ.
Hundreds of New Churches Not Enough to Satisfy Southern Baptists
Baptisms are at a 70-year low, while Sunday worshipers are at a 20-year low.
The Church's Three-Part HarmonySubscriber Access Only
Why evangelical, sacramental, and Pentecostal Christians belong together in one body.
Too Public Baptism: Ex-Muslim Loses Lawsuit Against Church
Oklahoma Supreme Court rules against convert tortured in Syria after Tulsa church publicized his conversion online.
How a Man of the Coasts and Cities Found Christ
My story of ditching hypocritical religion and secular hedonism for the joys of true discipleship.
Who Gets to Count That Convert?Subscriber Access Only
Partnerships between missions groups complicate the metrics.
Amid ‘Evangelism Crisis,’ Southern Baptists Bring In $400 Million More
While the No. 1 evangelical denomination reports the highs and lows of 2015, America's No. 3 reports just highs.
The Messy Drama and Trauma of New LifeSubscriber Access Only
Birth and baptism come at a painful cost.
Sunday Journeys: Millcreek Community Church in Erie, PA, a Visit to a Church We Planted 20 Years Ago
I recently visited a church I planted nearly 20 years ago, and I was encouraged by their ministry.
The Violent Side of Jesus' BaptismSubscriber Access Only
And how it helped me discover my Father's love.
Exploring Evangelicalism: The Presbyterian Church in America
Dr. Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church and former Chancellor of Covenant Theological Seminary shares about the Presbyterian Church in America.
Why Christians Need to Embrace a Changing Definition of FamilySubscriber Access Only
Single friends: We “traditional” families need you.
As Church Plants Grow, Southern Baptists Disappear Subscriber Access Only
Nation’s largest Protestant group lost 200,000 members last year, biggest decline since 1881.
Morning Roundup 3/5/15
Christian Media; Coaching Leaders; FAQ on Baptism
How Godparenting Brought Me Into the Family of God
A Small Talk guest post by Katelyn Beaty.
Martin Luther King Jr.: Exemplar of Hope
Martin Luther King Jr.: Exemplar of Hope
The Civil Rights leader’s life and legacy embodies the revolutionary ethic Jesus Christ.
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