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Pope John Paul II on AugustineSubscriber Access Only
In an official statement issued in 1986, on the 1,600th anniversary of Augustine's conversion to Christ, Pope John Paul II spoke about the influence of this 5th-century great, parts of whose legacy are still claimed today by millions of Catholics and Protestants alike.
Money and the BibleSubscriber Access Only
A Survey of the History of Biblical Interpretation on Money and Wealth
From the Archives: Selections from Confessions of FaithSubscriber Access Only
Selections From Confession of Faith which all the citizens and inhabitants of Geneva and the subjects of the country must promise to keep and hold. (1536)
The Principle Practice of FaithSubscriber Access Only
How Prayer Was Calvin's Key to Living Well.
Pulling the Flesh From My BonesSubscriber Access Only
Bunyan in Prison—Ministry in Suffering
Opening the Closed BookSubscriber Access Only
Many more would read the Bible if they only knew how.
Reborn in Order to RenewSubscriber Access Only
The Pietists' emphasis on the new birth and biblical authority had startling implications as to how one treated orphans, the lower classes and one's opponents. Orthodoxy was not enough. A changed life was required.
Turning the World Rightside UpSubscriber Access Only
How to do away with the alibis of indifference and inaction.
Are You Close to God? Your Answer Affects How You Read Scripture
Are You Close to God? Your Answer Affects How You Read Scripture
A new study suggests that both men and women who seek spiritual intimacy view the Bible more literally.
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