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Here's to All the LosersSubscriber Access Only
Why defeat at the hands of God is magnificent.
The Benefits of BrokennessSubscriber Access Only
Why I sometimes wish I was an alcoholic.
Defending DepravitySubscriber Access Only
Has the American church gone soft on sin?
Help for the Sexually DesperateSubscriber Access Only
More and more, Christian men are admitting they've been caught in a vicious cycle.
A Deeper Spiritual Issue
Who Do People Say We Are?Subscriber Access Only
It doesn't hurt to listen to what non-Christians think of us.
Missions and MasturbationSubscriber Access Only
John Piper says we shouldn't let guilt over sexual sin derail our ministry.
When the Lights Go OutSubscriber Access Only
Assuming that things go wrong, even in the church.
Grace—That's So SickSubscriber Access Only
The church seems to be an embarrassment to everyone except its Lord.
Food for Thought
Leader's Insight: The High Price of Dying (to Self)Subscriber Access Only
Five questions for Dave Johnson about his "Job" season.
(Some) Sinners WelcomeSubscriber Access Only
Can a church embrace those on the margins without excluding its core?
Leader's Insight: On Fords and FaithfulnessSubscriber Access Only
What my unreliable old car taught me about myself.
A Community of the BrokenSubscriber Access Only
A young organization models what it might mean to be the church in a suffering world.
Bottom-Up DisciplineSubscriber Access Only
What do you do when your pastor--or your entire denomination--strays?
Despair NotSubscriber Access Only
There is something worse than misery and death.
Leader's Insight: Overhaulin'Subscriber Access Only
Gordon MacDonald on rest for the high mileage believer.
Opening Ceremony BluesSubscriber Access Only
The Olympics is symbolic, but not of world peace.
Sex & the City of GodSubscriber Access Only
How do we respond to a corrupted culture? Two faulty examples and a better one.
Impractical ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Faith really begins to make a difference when it stops 'working.'
Top Story August 19, 2019
How US Churches Cover Millions in Medical Debt
How US Churches Cover Millions in Medical Debt
A nonprofit helps even modestly sized congregations take on their neighbors’ unpaid bills.
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