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The Spiritual Roots of Addiction
Seth Haines talks about his battle with alcoholism and how leaders can help addicts find freedom.
Pastors: Don't Gloat Over Ashley MadisonSubscriber Access Only
The adulterer you condemn may be in your pews.
Hopeful Outrage
How to transform anger into action.
John Newton: Slave Trader, Abolitionist, Song-Writer, PastorSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Tony Reinke about what made John Newton a relatable pastor
When One of Us Falls
5 pastors share how they react when a high-profile Christian leader has a moral failing.
Getting EmotionalSubscriber Access Only
Peter Scazzero talks about why leaders must attend to their inner lives.
The Widowmaker RepentsSubscriber Access Only
After decades of dysfunction, one church publicly confessed its mistreatment of former ministers.
Connected But LonelySubscriber Access Only
Even with all our social media "followers" and "friends" we are more lonely than ever.
Darkness and Light in Ferguson Subscriber Access Only
A pastor reflects on recent resignations, a controversial report, and another act of violence.
The Glorious Side of DarknessSubscriber Access Only
A.J. Swoboda believes light is not the only place where God dwells.
No Easter without Good Friday
How Lent prepared me to celebrate the Resurrection.
The Prodigal DaughterSubscriber Access Only
What I said when a pastor friend asked me to preach after his daughter strayed.
Miscarriage, and Our Love Affair With EuphemismSubscriber Access Only
A excerpt from Peter's upcoming book, Blindsided By God
Standing up to Alzheimer’sSubscriber Access Only
An Interview with Dr. Benjamin Mast
A Cop with a Pastor’s HeartSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Marcos Miranda about slain New York City police officer, Rafael Ramos
Mars Hill Elders' Letter of ConfessionSubscriber Access Only
Former Mars Hill elders apologize to terminated pastors.
Our Difficult BalanceSubscriber Access Only
How do we handle the disappointed expectations of ministry?
Broke, But Not BrokenSubscriber Access Only
An Interview with Caryn Rivadeneira
Sara Groves: Becoming Obsolete?
No matter what happens, our Maker sees us.
Learning to LamentSubscriber Access Only
How my church's violent neighborhood led us to discover the power of lament.
Top Story July 21, 2019
On Court Prophets and Wilderness Prophets
On Court Prophets and Wilderness Prophets
Christian responses to the president.
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