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Valentine's Dynamic LoveSubscriber Access Only
Our love is most godly when it is against the world for the world.
An Open Letter to Tim Tebow's FansSubscriber Access Only
The high-profile quarterback, a devout Christian, practically walks on water. But give him a break. Please.
Three Gifts for Hard TimesSubscriber Access Only
What I've learned as life has taken a turn for what most people think is the worst.
Fruit Pies, Popcorn, and MusicSubscriber Access Only
The Pilgrim legacy goes beyond Thanksgiving to a love of music still with us today.
Parents and ProdigalsSubscriber Access Only
As my daughter leaves for college, packing up her belongings, she is still a stranger to me.
Tory Believers: Which Higher Loyalty?Subscriber Access Only
During the Revolutionary War, many preached Loyalism as the Christian response.
Our Lord's Virgin BirthSubscriber Access Only
Why it matters that "a real son of a real mother" did not have a human father.
Let the Pagans Have the HolidaySubscriber Access Only
First, let's take back Easter.
What Does Hillary Believe?Subscriber Access Only
She is in lockstep with the United Methodist Church on almost all issues, says Paul Kengor, author of "God and Hillary Clinton."
A Gadfly in the HouseSubscriber Access Only
Amid all the pulse takers and poll watchers in Congress, Rep. Henry Hyde, who died this morning, was more interested in being right than in being popular.
From 1976: A Minister Is MissingSubscriber Access Only
Donald LaRose: Victim or victimizer? Plus: The Finding of a Minister.
Supernatural Sagas of Good and EvilSubscriber Access Only
The foolish things of Madeleine L'Engle.
CT Classic: Madeleine L'Engle on Allegory and PrayerSubscriber Access Only
"It seemed ironic and unfair that just as I was turning closer to God, I couldn't sell anything I wrote."
The Coral Ridge StrategySubscriber Access Only
D. James Kennedy explains how lay evangelism can lead to exponential growth.
Love Covers—or Discovers?Subscriber Access Only
Every cat knows some things need to be buried.
Cancer's Unexpected BlessingsSubscriber Access Only
When you enter the Valley of the Shadow of Death, things change.
The Importance of Being WesternSubscriber Access Only
Why are we so embarrassed that Columbus ever set foot in the New World?
The Passivity Of American ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
The myths that are intimidating those who hold forth a biblical heritage, and what can be done about them.
Superman on the Screen: Counterfeit Myth?Subscriber Access Only
Heroes have disappeared. They have been replaced by superheroes-fantasy creatures.
Moved into the Presence of GodSubscriber Access Only
Ruth Graham tells what book has influenced her the most.
Top Story April 26, 2018
When the Rohingya Came, This Christian Hospital Was Ready
When the Rohingya Came, This Christian Hospital Was Ready
After decades shut out of refugee camps, medical missionaries in Bangladesh offer victims expert care and spiritual resources.
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