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Seven Bites of BuechnerSubscriber Access Only
IDEAS THAT WORKSubscriber Access Only
Including children in worship
When Your Friend is DyingSubscriber Access Only
How to help when your only gift is eternal hope.
Pastoring with an Ache InsideSubscriber Access Only
When Children SufferSubscriber Access Only
The do's and don'ts of ministering to the ill or dying child.
Leadership Forum
Ministering Undercover: A Survey of Church LibrariansSubscriber Access Only
Pens outmuscle swords, and books can help people in ways sermons cannot. Here are six secrets of developing a library that ministers.
Counseling Blended FamiliesSubscriber Access Only
How one pastor helps couples ward off second-time failure.
The Story of Raising a Pastoral FamilySubscriber Access Only
An interview with David and Helen Seamands
Pastor's Kids, Ministering ChildrenSubscriber Access Only
Raising children in a ministry family has unique pressures and unique opportunities
Reflections of a Christian DoctorSubscriber Access Only
In an interview with LEADERSHIP, Swiss physician Paul Tournier comments on family, pastors, young people, and his life as a Christian counselor.
MY CHOICE BOOKSSubscriber Access Only
Jim and Martha Reapsome write about their love for reading together.
The Pastor's Family
IDEAS THAT WORKSubscriber Access Only
BOOK COMMENTARYSubscriber Access Only
Hurting ParentsSubscriber Access Only
Happy families are all alike: every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
Reflections of a Preacher’s KidSubscriber Access Only
You hear criticism about PKs resenting how they were raised and what it did to them. Tim Stafford looks at what his father did right.
Top Story April 20, 2019
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
According to the gospel of John, the cross casts us into community.
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