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2012 Christianity Today Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only
Judges whittled 390 submissions down to 12 winners.
Nurturing Mind and SoulSubscriber Access Only
A systematic beginning for an old cause.
Making Disciples Today: Christianity Today's New Global Gospel ProjectSubscriber Access Only
Introducing the magazine's new five-year teaching venture.
Holding Her OwnSubscriber Access Only
The woman behind Her.meneutics, the Christianity Today blog for women.
A New Bible BattleSubscriber Access Only
It's not about doctrine but our use of Scripture.
Fanatics and Faithfulness
A Cross at the BookendsSubscriber Access Only
The meaning of 9/11, and the motivation for missions.
Do They Like Us?Subscriber Access Only
Yes, so let's move on.
A Change of FocusSubscriber Access Only
What a beauty pageant story revealed about a ministry.
Losing My Religion?
Happy SurprisesSubscriber Access Only
They seem to be piling up with this issue.
Multi-Faith MattersSubscriber Access Only
Interfaith meetings remind us of the Good News.
The End of Worship WarsSubscriber Access Only
But we're still learning from one another.
2011 Christianity Today Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only
Judges whittled 427 submissions down to 11 winners.
Stay Young! Live Longer!Subscriber Access Only
That's not just a silly promise of our culture.
Top Story June 24, 2019
Bible Translation Is Preserving Endangered Languages
Bible Translation Projects Are Preserving Endangered Languages
While the world loses a language every 40 days, translation efforts bring new life to threatened tongues.
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