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The Story of Raising a Pastoral FamilySubscriber Access Only
An interview with David and Helen Seamands
Ten Preachers Talk about Sermon Illustrations
Knowing where to look for good sermon illustrations can make an important difference in your preaching. Ten well-known preachers share their resources.
BOOK COMMENTARYSubscriber Access Only
Haphazardly Intent: An Approach to PastoringSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Eugene Peterson
Robert Schuller's Irrepressible LegacySubscriber Access Only
Reflections from the life of a ministry pioneer.
The Greening Of A Discussion LeaderSubscriber Access Only
Good discussions don't just happen. Here's how one leader started out and failed--but through trial and error discovered what makes discussion work.
IDEAS AT WORKSubscriber Access Only
Preaching without notes next Sunday morning might become one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, according to Craig Skinner. Here are five tips that work for him.
The Ministry’s Gordian KnotSubscriber Access Only
Alexander the Great slashed through his Gordian knot; pastors don't have that option. To lead, the pastor must serv. How does he confront this paradox?
Top Story May 23, 2019
Monomaniacs for God
Monomaniacs for God
What it looks like when people remember their greatest love.
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