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My Advice to Struggling Artists: Seek First God’s Kingdom
The key to creativity is worship and prayer.
Andrew Peterson: Creativity Isn’t Just for ‘Creatives’Subscriber Access Only
Artists and storytellers cultivate beauty and mystery. So do teachers, parents, and church potluck planners.
17 Steps For Writers and Speakers To Catch The Attention Of Publishers And Conferences
Publishers and conferences are always looking for good content. Here’s what I’ve learned about creating something they need.
Don’t Miss The Entrepreneurial Lessons That Only A Small Church Can Teach You
Small churches can teach us lessons about ministry that can help us lead better in any context.
Find Your Creative Voice
Creativity becomes more than expressing ourselves as we reflect God into the world.
You Can Offer Excuses, Or You Can Do Great Ministry: Our Trip To Holy Trinity Brompton
Effective churches don’t let their challenges become excuses.
Innovation Or Insistence? There’s More Than One Way To Reach Your Goal
If your usual door won’t open, be willing to try other doors. In most situations, innovation is often the best, most overlooked option.
Make the Most of Your Rented SpaceSubscriber Access Only
Five solutions for mobile churches.
28 Non-Numerical Signs Of A Healthy Church
Numbers are not the only way to determine church health. In many situations, they’re not even the best way.
Wanted: New Church Methods for New Church People
Changing the world with the Gospel of Jesus is less likely to happen using traditional methods with every passing year.
Eliminate Christian Jargon from Your Church
Let’s throw out the insider language.
Adding A Second Church Service Without Killing Your Momentum
Taking an almost-full room and dividing into two less-than-half-full rooms can be a psychological blow. Here's how one church overcame it.
Adapt, Adjust And Diversify: Some Of Our Differences Make The Church Stronger
As long as the center holds, our differences won’t make the church weaker. They’re an essential element for making us stronger.
Does Your Church Have the Right Model?
How to decide.
7 Steps To Help Your Good, But Slightly Off-Center Message Break Through The Noise
When your message is off-center, the quality matters even more.
Do We Need A Broader Definition Of Church Growth?
Any definition of church growth that doesn’t allow for, even celebrate, churches that contribute in non-numerical ways is incomplete.
What Makes Your Church Your Church?
3 building blocks to help you tell your story.
4 Reasons Our Church Stopped Doing 'Come and Watch' Events (And 5 Alternatives)
When a first-time guest comes to a church, they should see our faith at its deepest and best.
Front-Load the Value: Creating a Better Experience for First-Time Church Guests
Is your church service putting your worst foot forward instead of your best? Here's a simple way to reverse that.
Preaching Paradox and the Paradox of PreachingSubscriber Access Only
Dangling questions can be more powerful than trite answers.
My Journey from Castro to Christ
My Journey from Castro to Christ
After fleeing Cuba, my family was barely surviving. Then a California church gave us a new lease on life.
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