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When Jesus Doesn’t Calm the Storm
As I faced the Houston floods, I found myself asking questions about God’s providence.
In the 'DuckTales' Reboot, Family Remains Scrooge's Riskiest Adventure
As the new Disney series reminds us, 'Family is nothing but trouble.' That's exactly what makes it valuable.
Treasures in Heaven, Tchotchkes on Earth
What happens when our kids don’t want our heirlooms.
I'm a Rare Breed: An Elite Chess Player Who’s Open About His Faith
Why I follow Jesus publicly, even when people warn that my career will suffer.
The Beginning of Dementia Isn’t the End of GraceSubscriber Access Only
How the church can come to the aid of sufferers and their loved ones.
Keith and Kristyn Getty: Singing Isn’t Just for SundaySubscriber Access Only
Why congregational worship is a feast we prepare all week long.
Parents of Prodigals: Let God Work on Your Anger and FearsSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from 'Hope for the Prodigal.'
Belonging Is About More Than Biology
As an adoptee and adoptive mom, God is teaching me about his welcoming love.
What the Single in Your Pew Needs from YouSubscriber Access Only
Singles are on the rise. Here’s what forward-looking churches need to know.
The Turquoise Table Movement Wants YouSubscriber Access Only
Kristin Schell invites believers to trade entertaining for simple front-yard hospitality.
Christian Orgs Labeled Hate Groups on Top Charity SiteSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) GuideStar adopts and then drops Southern Poverty Law Center’s controversial designations.
Why Moral Failure Happens When Ministry Is Going Great
7 characteristics of success that can lead to adultery.
Family and Politics: Why I'm Against 'Keeping the Peace'Subscriber Access Only
There are times when we need to speak up.
Texas Adoption Law Could Jumpstart Christian Agencies AgainSubscriber Access Only
Some providers paused services out of fear of legal backlash for not placing children with gay couples.
Ben Sasse: Adolescence Is a Gift, but Extended Adolescence Is a TrapSubscriber Access Only
The Nebraska senator wants parents to get serious about shepherding kids into responsible adulthood.
Flying Solo in a Family-Centered ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Gina Dalfonzo shares an insider's perspective on the frustrations of long-term singleness
Pew: Black Protestants Show Strongest Support for Paid Maternity LeaveSubscriber Access Only
A look into Christian views on paid leave and how the church can help new parents.
How to Counter the Economic Argument for AbortionSubscriber Access Only
To provide a persuasive alternative, the church must offer holistic, long-term support.
Who’s the Most Excited About Brio? Probably MomsSubscriber Access Only
We grew up on glossies. Our daughters want a different medium.
Open Your Home to the Homeless, Even When It Makes You UncomfortableSubscriber Access Only
Welcoming the stranger carries real risks. But hospitality is a New Testament expectation.
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
In the ministry’s first major innovation in seven decades, the children now do the choosing.
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