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A Letter For My SonSubscriber Access Only
A letter to my son, who is a testament to God's wild goodness
Morning Roundup 6/19/14
Become a Great Dad; Hurt Your Pastor; 5th Commandment
Fatherhood's Call to DutySubscriber Access Only
A love that knows its responsibilities.
When Dads Don't StaySubscriber Access Only
Confronting the reality of fatherlessness in America.
Confessions of a Bad DadSubscriber Access Only
What gave me hope despite my repeated parenting failures.
It's Never Too Late to Become a Great DadSubscriber Access Only
Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly has an encouraging message for fathers: You’re not defined by your past.
Why We Call God Father
Weekly Roundup 6.12.14
We Are Here: Faith and Fatherhood by Sho Baraka
Sho Baraka, well-known Christian hip hop artist, writes about fatherhood and shares a helpful video.
Female and Made in My Father's ImageSubscriber Access Only
Just because I’m a “she” doesn’t mean the Creator I reflect has to be.
Daddy Dearest: How Purity Culture Can Turn Fathers into IdolsSubscriber Access Only
Our pledges belong to the Heavenly Father, not our earthly ones.
Forgiving the Sins of My FatherSubscriber Access Only
How he taught me the deeper meaning of mercy.
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If Love Runs OutSubscriber Access Only
Seeing my worth after my husband left
Men and MiscarriageSubscriber Access Only
I didn’t know how to feel. In many ways, I still don’t.
Why We Need Paternity Leave
Having Dad take time off makes for a more balanced family life
Why We Need Paternity LeaveSubscriber Access Only
Having Dad take time off sets up a more balanced family life.
Saved by U2 and an Audible Voice
God wasn’t on my to-do list. He showed up anyway.
Why We Call God 'Father'Subscriber Access Only
Christians have good reasons to resist gender-neutral alternatives.
Have We Given Up on Good Men?Subscriber Access Only
Sexism and the stereotype of a lazy, childish generation of guys.
Is Fatherhood Fading Out?Subscriber Access Only
A Christian response to the boom in absent dads.
Mourning a Daughter's SuicideSubscriber Access Only
How family and faith sustained Frank Page as he grieved the loss of his sweet, but troubled, Melissa.
My Road to Emmaus Ran Through East Los Angeles
My Road to Emmaus Ran Through East Los Angeles
Suffering and ministry turmoil left me devastated. Jesus met me there.
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