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GILT BY ASSOCIATIONSubscriber Access Only
Despite their tarrished reputations, ministerial gatherings present golden opportunities for more than coffee and competition.
C.S. Lewis: A Gallery of Family and FriendsSubscriber Access Only
A Gallery of thumbnail sketches of close and influential family and friends of C.S. Lewis
FROM THE EDITORSubscriber Access Only
Must Men Be Friendless?Subscriber Access Only
Who are your three closest brothers?… If you have trouble thinking of names, keep reading.
Even Pastors Need FriendsSubscriber Access Only
Despite the dangers, one pastor has found that a few close friends are good for him… and the congregation.
How to Gauge the Closeness of a GroupSubscriber Access Only
Analyzing conversation patterns can show how much a group trusts one another -- or how far they need to go toward true fellowship.
What Do You Expect from a PK?Subscriber Access Only
Closing The Evangelistic BackdoorSubscriber Access Only
A discerning look at what causes spiritual dropouts.
The Spread of the Zwingli ReformationSubscriber Access Only
Zwingli died before his dreams were fulfilled, but his followers, especially Heinrich Bullinger, spread his Reformed influence throughout Europe, to England, and eventually to America.
Seven Bites of BuechnerSubscriber Access Only
When Your Friend is DyingSubscriber Access Only
How to help when your only gift is eternal hope.
Trust: A Crucial Ingredient For SurvivalSubscriber Access Only
A church leader's effectiveness can rise or fall with his relationships to members.
LEADERSHIP FORUMSubscriber Access Only
The questions of good stewarship and responsible financial policies face pastor and layman alike. Five laymen talk about whay money and ministry go hand in hand.
Seeing Yourself as Others See YouSubscriber Access Only
A Christian leader tells how he embarked on a self-examiniation program at the onset of his fortieth birthday.
Top Story July 17, 2019
Proving That God Exists Without Opening a Bible
Proving That God Exists Without Opening a Bible
How human reason alone can lay a pathway from doubt to belief.
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