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My Toddler Survived Brain Cancer—Here’s What I LearnedSubscriber Access Only
7 things you should know, from a mom who’s been there
Ministry Is a Team Sport
Though my instinct is to isolate, I’m learning to let others carry me.
An African American Confronts the Klan in Accidental CourtesySubscriber Access Only
Daryl Davis has a startling method for converting racists: he befriends them.
You May Be More Like ‘Other Women’ Than You ThinkSubscriber Access Only
I discovered the flip side of being special: being alone.
If You're Voting for Trump, You Can Unfriend Me (But I Hope You Won't)
Take a deep breath and read the entire post before you comment. It’s not what you think.
A Better Way to Invite People to Church – And to Jesus
Attending church for the first time is hard. But we can make it easier for people if we do this one thing.
Lonely in the Second Chair?Subscriber Access Only
How to thrive in a less visible role.
People Allergies
Friend MeSubscriber Access Only
How your personal network sustains ministry health for both you and your church.
Have Yourself a Merry Little FriendsmasSubscriber Access Only
The holidays can be hard. Don’t spend them alone.
True Friends Will Change YouSubscriber Access Only
Transformative friendships happen everywhere… not just in small groups.
Sherry Turkle: How to Keep Your iPhone from Destroying Your RelationshipsSubscriber Access Only
The MIT expert weighs in on our worst technology sins.
When Complaining Tears Us ApartSubscriber Access Only
Sociologists say voicing our frustrations brings us together. Scripture offers another way.
Six Tips to Stay in Ministry for the Long Haul
In my 15 years of ministry, I've seen too many women come and go.
11 Ways to Be the Church for Those Who Don’t Go to Church
People need to know us before they can trust us. And they need to trust us before they’ll go to church with us.
The Look of Everyday KindnessSubscriber Access Only
What it took for Miss Bobbie Wright to have her first vacation in 67 years.
Save the Drama: Raising Girls Who Speak TruthSubscriber Access Only
Don’t let power plays manipulate young friendships.
The Difficulty (and Beauty) of VulnerabilitySubscriber Access Only
Openness in personal relationships can bring pain, but it also offers unrivaled love and support.
How We Became Too Busy for FriendsSubscriber Access Only
Our surface-level relationships have social and spiritual consequences.
The Accidental NeighborSubscriber Access Only
How I became a better neighbor ... by accident.
Top Story June 26, 2019
The Church's Sickness Unto Death
The Church's Sickness Unto Death
Our missional activism threatens to kill us. It doesn’t have to.
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