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"Let African Christians be Christian Africans"Subscriber Access Only
Byang Kato (1936-1975) has been called the Founding Father of African Evangelical Theology.
Global is the New LocalSubscriber Access Only
Princeton's Robert Wuthnow says American congregations are more international than ever.
Who Do You Think You Are?Subscriber Access Only
The global church needs to ground youth in their true, deepest identity.
Taking the World's TemperatureSubscriber Access Only
Billy Graham speaks on the spiritual atmosphere of the late 1970s, the charismatic movement, and his regrets.
The Evangelical World ProspectSubscriber Access Only
Harold Ockenga, Robert Lamont, and Carl Henry interview Billy Graham about spiritual trends throughout the world.
Historian Ahead of His TimeSubscriber Access Only
Andrew Walls may be the most important person you don't know.
Losing Jesus' LanguageSubscriber Access Only
The Assyrians, Iraq's main Christian population, struggle to keep their heritage and their ancient language.
Liberating FaithSubscriber Access Only
When Korea threw off Japanese rule in 1945, it was as much a victory for the church as for the nation.
A Tragic AnniversarySubscriber Access Only
10 years ago this Wednesday, on April 7, 1994, the newly Christianized African nation of Rwanda erupted into unprecedented ethnic slaughter. Where was the church then? And how can it help Rwandans recover today?
Marching to ZionSubscriber Access Only
The origin of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is a story of slow, steady separation.
Mapping the Christians of the Middle EastSubscriber Access Only
If you've been unable to sort out just who the Christians of the Middle East are, this book is for you.
Indian PentecostSubscriber Access Only
How a "Holy Ghost revival" among child widows in India became an international sensation and a local wellspring of Christian outreach.
Early Returns Are MixedSubscriber Access Only
Global evangelicals don't necessarily vote like American evangelicals.
Resources: Go Tell It!Subscriber Access Only
Many are telling the continuing story of the African church. Here are some of the best renditions.
Methodist Restructuring May Empower Non-U.S. Churches — Or Silence ThemSubscriber Access Only
With 3 of 10 delegates from abroad, general conference will consider creating an Americans-only body.
My Top 5 Books on World ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Africa UnboundSubscriber Access Only
God may be clearing the stage for the next act in his redemptive drama.
Piper on Planting
Top Story June 16, 2019
Oh, the Places We’ll Stay
Oh, the Places We’ll Stay
In a world that promises liberation from the limits of place, we are called to be rooted disciples.
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