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Love LanguageSubscriber Access Only
The new Lausanne Covenant prods us to take personal inventory.
Living the LoveSubscriber Access Only
Part II of the Cape Town Commitment spells out what the Lausanne Movement's theological manifesto means for the practice of ministry and mission.
Teeming DiversitySubscriber Access Only
The Third Lausanne Congress demonstrated that global evangelicalism has been transformed.
Putting Evangelism on HoldSubscriber Access Only
Will the Global Faith Forum's "evangelistic model" of engaging Muslims and Jews catch on?
This Time For AfricaSubscriber Access Only
Continent-wide runup to Capetown 2010 draws more than 58,000 to Christ.
The Most Diverse Gathering EverSubscriber Access Only
Lausanne III is pulling a cross-section of 4,000 world leaders to keep the gospel front and center.
Delegates DeniedSubscriber Access Only
U.S. immigration officials hamper Christian gatherings.
A Little Raising of HandsSubscriber Access Only
How the Pentecostal World Conference compares to your average evangelical conference.
The Future(s) of MissionsSubscriber Access Only
This year, four world missionary conferences are celebrating the Edinburgh meeting's centennial, but with distinctly different views of its legacy and future.
The World's Prayer GuideSubscriber Access Only
The latest edition of 'Operation World' spotlights a shifting global church.
Evangelism vs. Missions?Subscriber Access Only
Southern Baptists contemplate unleashing the IMB at home.
Cross-Cultural MannersSubscriber Access Only
Wise advice on dealing with money and relationships when working overseas.
From Bottom to TopSubscriber Access Only
How to read the Global Conversation upside down.
Heroic Tales from Distant LandsSubscriber Access Only
Stories can help us visualize the new shape of world Christianity.
The Spreading FlameSubscriber Access Only
Pentecostal Scholarship Goes Global
Pew Forum Releases Landmark Survey of International Religious FreedomSubscriber Access Only
70 percent of the world lives in areas with high restrictions on religion, report says.
Bridging the Local and the GlobalSubscriber Access Only
Dana Robert traces Christianity's cross-cultural success.
'O, Evangelicos!'Subscriber Access Only
We need not abandon our name—just live up to it.
Matrix: International Religious Liberty AdvocatesSubscriber Access Only
CT looks at the major religious liberty groups' emphases and work.
New Look, Fresh TopicsSubscriber Access Only
CT is easier to use and more thoughtful than ever.
Top Story June 24, 2019
Bible Translation Is Preserving Endangered Languages
Bible Translation Projects Are Preserving Endangered Languages
While the world loses a language every 40 days, translation efforts bring new life to threatened tongues.
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